Years back, I remember my grandfather telling me that our attire defines our behavior. We tend to be more cautious in formal attire while being more relaxed in casual attire. I find that his words will ring true with my future grandson too. With the upcoming influx of wearable devices as outlined by Forrester Analyst Sarah Rotman Epps and the flexible displays from HP Labs, I imagine a day in our lives in the future to be intriguing to say the least. 

Typing away on my laptop with my unattached cell phone 5 ft away from where I am sitting, here is how I visualize a day in the life of my grandson in the future, who will be living in a world where gadgets have mind-boggling flexibility and are literally an integral part of his daily life. 

Good morning. As he steps into the bathtub, it turns on a lively display of the beautiful creatures that rule the oceans, with its hue indicating the water temperature. His dual focus contact lenses show his surroundings and his daily calendar. A cylindrical tower presents various options for his attire. Information about clothing combinations is already available in his personal data warehouse accessible in real time via all his display devices.

He wears his wrist watch — the display device on his wrist that provides him the current temperature, the latest news ticker, his remote control for the garage and a minor detail — the time of day. His coffee mug shows the coffee’s temperature and the local news. When he’s driving, it displays the location of the nearest coffee shop and their times. Michael Jordan’s grandson comes to life on the cereal box and has an interactive conversation with him sharing the latest basketball news.

He hugs his spouse causing the sensory flower on her back to bloom that indicates her positive emotions. He dreads those days when there is no bloom.

As he gets ready to step into his vehicle, it configures itself based on the latest weather patterns to determine whether to take the road (car) or fly (aircraft). 

His tattoo on his shoulder vibrates an “urgent” call from one of his family members. Turns out his high-schooler needs her poster board now, which is an electronic display device in itself. He rolls it up (standby mode) and hands it to his teenager who unrolls it (powers up) when the science fair commences (yes, they still have science fairs in the future. Wonder what those projects will be like?).

After taking care of this “emergency,” he is transported to work. All the dashboard instruments are displayed on the windshield.

Now that I’ve gotten my “future” grandson to work, I seek your suggestions for helping him get back home with similar applications of flexible displays and wearable devices.  Please share your ideas on what your grandchildren would be doing so that my grandson can come back home to his spouse (remember, blooming flower!).

Big Data and cloud computing are laying the foundation for disruptive innovation in the future. As a matter of fact, the cloud addresses the challenges posed by big data.  Moreover, the convergence of different types of cloud solutions happening today makes this even more attainable. 

However, for this to become real, we need to continue to innovate consistently, something HP Labs is “consistently” focused on. You can read about some of the cool projects the HP Labs team is working on at Innovation @ HP Labs.