Cloud computing is at the core of business transformation. From applications to storage to infrastructure, cloud services create new opportunities for innovation – and new challenges around compliance and governance.

7 steps to better hybrid cloud governance

Post by Preston Gralla, Mon, 9/28/15
Managing a hybrid infrastructure requires a rethinking of your existing data governance and compliance policies. Follow these practical steps to ensure a successful strategy that mitigates risk.
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Open source drives new style of innovation in the cloud

Post by E.G. Nadhan, Tue, 9/8/15
Open source software in the cloud is a unique intersection of the ecosystem of innovation being brought to the platform for innovation.
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Building a More Agile IT Infrastructure

Article by Michael Friedenberg, Thu, 8/13/15
Recently a CIO from a major bank appeared on a conference panel discussion. The talk turned to IT complexity, and the moderator asked the panelists what hardware they supported in their data centers. …
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Who moved my cheese? Changing the game in cloud security

Post by Terence Ngai, Thu, 8/20/15
Don’t you hate it when someone changes the rules of the game you have been playing for years?  I used to beat my brother in the basketball game of H-O-R-S-E with my perfect bank shots.  On…
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Migrating to the cloud? Here’s how to prioritize

Post by Preston Gralla, Mon, 8/17/15
You need to make the move to the cloud, but your IT infrastructure is a complex mix of applications, databases, file stores, servers, and more. What’s the best way to make the migration? Here’s ad…
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