Who is dating who is always interesting for people, especially when it is regarding celebrities and popular folks. Well here we are about to discuss one of the rapidly flourishing association in technology industry and yes both parties are super popular i.e. cloud computing and mobile. Coming to the point businesses and users are looking for availability of data, email and applications anytime and from any location whether they are at home, on-premise or on move. Marketplace is highly competitive, there are lots of big players, startups and midsize companies competing to capture the market and hence businesses wants employees to be connected irrespective of their location and devices they are using.

Anytime availability and unlimited storage is critical for businesses and hence use of mobile devices and Smartphones has tremendously increased in past few years. Almost 70% of workforce in North America relies on mobile devices. With the cloud computing technologies delivery of mobile apps and access of data with mobile platforms is much more feasible and easy. The motive to use mobile devices in business is to achieve work flexibility and anytime data access. How cloud computing helps in this? It’s very simple actually. You can use your light and smart devices for accessing applications and data, communication with peers but obviously you cannot store data in these consumer centric devices.  In actual we don’t do computation on these devices but these devices consume applications and we do computation with them.  The actual data could be hosted over the cloud and hence available anytime from anywhere. Cloud computing makes employees to access their business email anywhere with SaaS services like Exchange 2010 hosting and enables efficient collaboration and sharing with services like SharePoint 2010 hosting. Apart from SaaS services Cloud servers’ i.e Virtual Private Server provides flexible yet secure option for storage as compared to traditional servers. These cloud services provides cost effectiveness and with some configuration could be easily accessed with various types of mobile devices.

In Consumer electronics sector it’s clearly evident from market trends that demand of desktops is decreasing and on the other hand sale of Smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices is skyrocketing. Statistically number of Personal Computers is increasing at the rate of 10% every year and surprisingly number of new mobile devices is crossing the rate of 100%. Businesses have realized that the traditional method of working is no more beneficial. So association of Cloud and mobile seems a promising one. This relationship has grown strong in past few years with more companies adopting hosted solutions over cloud.

The growth of mobile devices is impacting the cloud computing too. Combination of cloud  and mobile technology delivers the unique combination of cost advantages, flexibility and scalability. Another great spark in this relationship is potential for solving specific IT problems if used strategically. One direct application could be Blackberry hosting. Blackberry Enterprise Server or BES Hosting combined with hosted Exchange gives company the power to accommodate the demands of mobile users using a variety of BlackBerry and other smart devices, while having good control over corporate IT polices, security, reliability, and customization. So while mobile devices help connectivity, hosted BES enables employees to be connected regardless of their physical location.