Will the IEEE’s push for cloud interoperability standards some cloud obstacles?

It’s too early to tell, but as a powerful standards-setting body, just the mere mention of IEEE involvement is a blessing or sorts. Several IEEE officials did not mince their words, labeling the cloud the second coming of the Internet in the IEEE press release about the initiative.  

“Cloud computing will change everything. It is one of the three aspects of the ‘perfect storm’ of technology waves currently sweeping across humanity, the other two being massive deployment of very smart mobile devices, and ubiquitous high-speed connectivity,” said David Bernstein, IEEE P2301 and IEEE P2302 WG chair, and managing director, Cloud Strategy Partners. “The cloud will tie all of these coming advancements together. We’re truly embarking on a new age of innovation.”

No doubt, emerging standards efforts are revving the cloud’s already-red hot growth engine.      

The IEEE joins the European Union and other groups trying to set cloud interoperability standards, according to an IDG News Service story, which posits that for any cloud standard to be successful, it must be global. Indeed, different clouds must work together to realize the full potential of this new computing paradigm. The IEEE has formed two different working groups to address “critical areas such as application, portability, management, and interoperability interfaces, as well as file formats and operation conventions,” it said in the press release

The IEEE with its engineering membership and long track record in standard-setting would seem better equipped that the EU to determine the technology considerations. In the end, they could (or should) collaborate on global standards.

Welcome to the world of technology poltics.   

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