Before anyone flames me, I fully understand that HP has a horse in this race and that as an HP employee I imagine readers will interpret a considered biased, but the news of Citrix sponsoring yet-another cloud IaaS stack had me wondering if the industry is collectively losing it’s mind faster than a Mark Webber’s pit crew change his tyres (yup, we not only talk funny, we spell funny Down Under).

For those not up-to-speed, the guys at GigaOm provide a solid overview and opinion. The essence of the story is that we’re in danger of spawning off yet another competing open-source initiative with dubious differentiation and/or benefit at a time when early adopters are confused enough by the competing commercial choices.

While I’ve always maintained that we’re are “chapter zero” of the Cloud sagas, there’s no reason to be adding in new characters when we’re already struggling to remember what the plot is. There’s so much more important work to get on with, let’s get the basics out of the way and focus on the more challenging PaaS topic.

As I said, I might be biased, how are the rest of the Enterprise CIO Forum feeling about the profileration of choices in cloud stacks?