A little bit of risk can be a good thing – especially if it is “managed” risk. If companies never took chances, business would stagnate. But the last thing you want to do is gamble with your company’s reputation by not adequately protecting your data. So how do you do that when your business operations span the globe?

One of our customers, a logistics company with nearly 1,200 remote sites, has struggled to answer this question. Each branch or remote office must keep important customer data on site. The company had to find a reliable way to protect this huge amount of data, without overstretching its IT budget or overflowing backup windows.

To tackle these challenges, the logistics company turned to HP StoreOnce Backup as part of a next-generation converged storage solution. This solution enabled the company to achieve three key business benefits:

  • Increased agility
  • Reduced risk
  • Reduced costs


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Improving backup ranked a top priority
Enterprise data is growing at a rate of 25 to 50 percent a year, and for many companies 50 percent of their data is stored in remote sites, trends that help explain why enterprise IT organizations rank improving backup and recovery as one of their top spending priorities.* 

To get an idea of the scale of data, just think of the number of emails that you get or send every day. Your data center must back up this data; many companies are required to store email for compliance reasons. If somebody deletes something accidentally or a server goes down, you need to be able to restore that data or find that email really quickly. For example, if your Microsoft Exchange server goes down, you’ll be at a loss until you can access that information again.

Protecting mobile data
Mobility further complicates the storage picture. Companies like our logistics customer need to be able to back up their data securely no matter where it resides. Like many organizations these days, the company relies on mobile technology for crucial parts of its operations, including package delivery.

If a worker delivers a package that must be signed for on a mobile device, the company must ensure the data entered in that device is backed up and protected. If a package goes astray, the company needs to be able to point to the data to show proof of delivery. Anything less, and the company risks damaging its reputation for reliability, which can result in lost clients and decreased revenue.

Federated deduplication via the StoreOnce Catalyst software enables the logistics company to use one solution to back up data from the very edge of its organization right through to the core data center. Data is deduplicated only once using a single technology; it can then be moved anywhere in deduplicated form. This reduces management time, lowers costs, and makes maintenance much easier.

A highly resilient design with autonomic restart means that if a hardware component fails, the company’s backups will keep on running. And StoreOnce supports encryption and secure erase to ensure the company’s data is not accessible to unauthorized users and is unrecoverable once deleted.

Reliable data protection is vital to the success of enterprises of all sizes. To learn more about how IT leaders secure their data with top storage capabilities, read this Forrester study (registration required).

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*ESG Research Report, 2013 IT Spending Intentions Survey