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Before going to Germany for studies, we need to know the requirements like documents and papers the students need for the entry to Germany. It depends mainly on…
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Customer Relationship Management is adopted by organizations to synchronize their marketing, sales and service departments. Companies can gain CRM benefits by a…
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Nissi Infotech  Yes! A great CRM system makes your work life easier, it integrates seamlessly into your own setup and fine-tunes the inf… more »
Nissi Infotech
Who owns data and analytics? LOB? CIO? CFO? Probably all of them and sometimes none of them. That is our #CIOchat topic for this Thursday - 2-3 p.m. ET.
Don Champlin   What is important in this question of ownership is what is how does the enterprise leverage effective use of the data (… more »
Financial market is highly technology driven and one of the largest buyers of CRM solutions. The adoption rate is high among banking, brokerage and retail finan…
Rajesh Sonar  A CRM helps institutions to develop and retain trust and loyalty of customers both new and current. I have found CRM Pro… more »
Rajesh Sonar
Ehtesham Shaikh
Quick Test Professional (QTP) is now called as HP Unified Functional Testing (UFT). It is one of the leading automation tools available in the market to carry o…
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Mike Quiney
Software development companies in Malaysia and across the world, as well as device manufacturers have always found it hard to gain an entry into China. The coun…
Joshua Koo  Yes, Apple is occupied a lot of market in China, while, Huawei's mobile phone and transport network equipments are enter… more »
Joshua Koo
Natalia Pankova
For some people application development outsourcing still seems to be too complicated. They are afraid even to think about such possibility. For such people fea…
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