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ECF's top ten blog posts for 2014

IT project management, converged infrastructure and security top the list.

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Here's the most popular Enterprise CIO Forum blog posts as measured in page views for 2014. Note that one is from 2013 and another from 2012. However, they made the top ten list in page view popularity for 2014 (Jan. -Dec. 21 when this was being written).

To all our ECF members, we wish you a safe and happy holiday season. 

1) Three mistakes that will get you fired

July 18, Terence Ngai, 82,928 page views

CIO Leadership, Big Data

What is the role of the CIO in driving enterprise analytics?

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When you talk to CIOs today about their business priorities, the top of their list is better connecting what IT is doing to business strategy. Or put another way, it is about establishing business/IT alignment. One area where CIOs need to make sure there is better alignment is enterprise analytics. CIOs that I have talk to share openly that business users are demanding the ability to reach their apps and data anywhere and on any device.

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Enterprise Technology in the New Year-2015

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Technology and business- the two are no longer mutually exclusive. Once upon a time, a company who had no immediate dealings in tech (say for instance, a pet store) didn’t need to concern itself with technology except perhaps to own and operate a POS system. These days however, it is becoming more and more of a necessity for business owners to produce and manage a solid digital existence.

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10 Predictions for 2015 - Business Ready Real Life Enterprise Mobility Solutions

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2014 again was one of those years dominated by enterprise solutions, read Enterprise Solution Providers, offering enhanced workforce collaboration and productivity - as they claim and have proved it time and over again. The reason why I am so confident about it is that emerging as well as legacy companies have successfully resolved, up to certain extent, workplace challenges all the way from email overloads to mobility - anything and everything.

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Cloud computing can help education

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Cloud computing is one of the most talked about solutions in the education industry. School IT managers and educators know first hand that technology changes have been constant, and the potential they create for young learners is tremendous. Yet there are still many teachers and educators that are unclear on what computing in the “cloud” really means.

How cloud computing helps schools

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Search Engine Optimization – Essential On-Page Optimization

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SEO stands for Search Engine Option. It is the process of creating a website and implements various techniques to place your website at the top of search engine rankings result pages (SERPs). The higher rankings in major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing can drive potential traffic to your website. Search engine optimization is split into two categories on-page optimization and off-page optimization techniques. On-Page SEO refers to the optimization techniques carried on your website such as page titles, Meta tags, description, internal linking, etc.

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Request for participants Information Governance Critical Success Factors Doctoral Study

I am finishing my doctoral dissertation, and I need some assistance from the industry. I am looking for Director levels and above in IT or Information Governance.

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The purpose of the qualitative phenomenological theory study is to discover critical success factors related to the implementation of an information governance within enterprise information management programs through interviews with senior IT leaders of Fortune 500 and publicly traded companies in the United States. 

The semi-structured interview is only 30-45 minutes.  I appreciate your support in advance for this important study.  I believe everyone on this site would benefit from the findings.

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2015 CIO biggies: managing risk versus innovation, more customer centricity

#CIOchat explores priorities for next year.

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We concluded our last #CIOchat for 2014 with a raucous discussion about CIO priorities for 2015. As I have pointed out for the past several months, security is rising fast given all the very public and damaging hacks of late.

First the numbers: 40 participants generated 381 Tweets between 2-3 p.m. ET yesterday. We #CIOchat every Thursday at the annointed hour, but given Christmas and New Year's are on the next two Thursdays, we will not #CIOchat again until Jan. 8.

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Why lawyers need the cloud

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Cloud computing is not just a cool technology for early adopters. It is now the digital backbone for individuals and businesses that demand highly secure, scalable, accessible and centrally managed data centers maintained by highly trained IT professionals.

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Discovering direction in a data deluge

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Humans have an insatiable demand for information, and we want to explore, learn and unravel our surroundings by searching and finding out more. We are beginning to utilize our devices as our search agents predominantly, and at same time leaving a treasure trove of data behind.

As was aptly shown in an analysis by ComScore: - Search engine still dominates the market with web traffic, and apps are catching up.

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