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The business benefits of Converge Enterprise

Learn how Converge Enterprise functions as a complete Business Management Solution to help its clients improve efficiency and generate more profit.

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Converge Enterprise is an on-demand complete Business Management Solution that enables you to monitor and manage sales, marketing inventory, and customer relationship management from one business system.

More than just a CRM software application, it combines the power of customer relationship management, multi-channel marketing, business process automation, document management, partner collaboration, project management, quotes/invoicing, and dynamic reports and analytics under one roof.

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BYOD fading, IT regaining control?

Wishful thinking or completely erroneous?

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BYOD is an easy subject to have strong opinions about and that resulted in a very robust Twitter chat hour yesterday. The Tweets were flying: 279 of them from 38 rowdy participants.

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Why should SaaS ISVs Automate their Subscription process?

Subscription management is one of the under estimated areas in SaaS model.

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SaaS ISVs tend to focus more on the product engineering side and pay very little attention to the operations and manageability of the SaaS business.

At the outset, SaaS subscription management can look as simple as collecting money on a monthly (or recurring) basis from the customer. But that’s only the tip of the ice berg. Infact, majority of the task involved in subscription management has to do with the way you would like to operate your SaaS business model.

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10 Features To Check Out in your Subscription Management Solution – Part 1

In this blog I am going to discuss on the Top 10 key features one should look for while deciding on a Subscription Management Solution.

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Subscription management encompasses a wide area of operational activities involved in a SaaS business model. While there are several subscription management solutions available in the market, there is no clear guideline to benchmark them. In this blog I am going to discuss on the Top 10 key features one should look for while deciding on a Subscription Management Solution.

Subscription management

Feature #1 – Package Management

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The real value of IT may just be brand promise

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In conjunction with their recent earnings announcement, Target communicated that its data breach (which resulted in the theft of at least 40 million payment card numbers and 70 million other pieces of customer data) cost the company $111 million (so far and after taking insurance into account). .

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X as a Service (XaaS): What the Future of Cloud Computing Will Bring

In this post, I’ll discuss XaaS: what it is and why you might want to consider using it.

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First, what is XaaS? Is this just more marketing fluff? Why do we need to define yet another model to fully describe cloud services? I contest that XaaS is a legitimate term, and that it is useful to describe a new type of cloud services — those that make use of IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS all neatly delivered in one package. Such packages are intended to fully displace the delivery of a commodity IT service. My favorite example of XaaS is desktop as a service, or DaaS.

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Competing on Analytics

Fixing data management

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If you ask a CIO today about the importance of data to their enterprises, they will likely tell you about the need to “compete on analytics” and to enable faster business decisions. At the same time, CIOs believe they “need to provide the intelligence to make better business decisions”. One CIO said it was in fact their personal goal to get the business to a new place faster, to enable them to derive new business insights, and to get to the gold at the end of the rainbow”.

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Is BYOD on the wane? That's Thursday's chat topic.

A court ruling and Blackberry yearnings....

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We're changing gears this week and exploring BYOD and mobility in Thursday's chat. That's because I noticed two headlines at "Mobile workers: 'I want my Blackberry back'." and "Court ruling could bring down BYOD." senior online writer Tom Kanshige just wrote two stories about events that could sideline BYOD: one about a California court ruling that mandates employees get reimbursed for work calls and another where he writes that some employees want their Blackberries back. Neither is good news for BYOD.   

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