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Evolving Storage Strategies in Capital Markets

Capital markets firms must evolve storage strategies in terms of speed, scalability, efficiency, and the sophistication of analytics output to accommodate rising data performance requirements.

Blog-post by Gabriel Lowy, Mon, 06/29/2015 - 17:46

Harvesting intelligence from data—and converting that intelligence into productive financial risk-transfer decisions—is a key element of how capital markets firms both provide value to their clients and protect their own interests.  To date, however, few firms are optimizing the conversion of raw data into actionable analytics to satisfy competitive and regulatory forces.

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CIOs: there is window of opportunity now for you to align with your CEO

Blog-post by Myles Suer, Mon, 06/29/2015 - 16:45

If we are honest CIOs have not done so well at business alignment

While CIOs these days report to either the CEO or CFO, there is window of opportunity for the CIO to secure a better relationship with their CEO. The CIOs that I am talking to see a strong CEO relationship as being critical to having IT viewed as strategic. In building a successful relationship with the CEO, CIOs tell me the conversation has to be “about value versus technology”. They say, “CIOs will lose if the discussion continues to be about technology and not even get invited to executive meetings”.

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The 2015 Big Data Analytics Landscape: A Super Powered Team

Blog-post by Drew Carter, Mon, 06/29/2015 - 16:04

The rise of big data over the past ten years has brought with it a flood of vendors attempting to capitalize on the trend. Established players pitching new products alongside start-ups pitching "the next big thing" can lead to confusion over the very basics of what is being offered.

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6 Retail Mobile Predictions For 2015

Blog-post by Kaushal Shah, Mon, 06/29/2015 - 10:27

The retail industry is in the midst of yet another paradigm shift. The advent of newer technologies such as social, mobile, cloud, and analytics are transforming the retail landscape today. According to Forrester as reported in Forbes, 42% of the global population will own a smartphone by the end of 2015. This year is expected to witness some interesting changes in retail mobile space, some of them are:

1. Mobility Commerce

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PSD to Drupal Theme Conversion: Vital Step For Dynamic Website

PSD to Drupal theme conversion is a fruitful method to build dynamic website enriched with the latest features that improve the overall performance and security of a site.

Blog-post by CSS Chopper, Mon, 06/29/2015 - 09:12

Owning just a simple website for an online business is not enough these days. So, it is essential to comprehend that how and which platform can help you bring your business at success road, where you find a number of opportunities to lead a company towards seamless growth. However, various technologies have brought a competitive pace in the market and with regular updates, they are getting improved and powered. Now, the question is; which technology would be the ideal solution for interactive website development?

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How CIOs can practice “compassionate accountability”

“It doesn’t cost any more to be nice.” – My Mother

Blog-post by Joel Dobbs, , Sun, 06/28/2015 - 18:45

I recently had a conversation with a guy I have known for years.  He has become, in middle age, what is known in the business as a “serial CIO.”  These are CIOs who quickly move from job to job, frequently for the wrong reasons.  I hear from him several times a year.  Right now he is, as is frequently the case, out of a job.  In fact, he has landed and lost three CIO positions over the past five years.  He has now been unemployed for over a year and is finding that his past has rapidly caught up with him.

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Big Data and Analytics: What It Means To Your Business

Blog-post by Drew Carter, Thu, 06/25/2015 - 20:20

Big Data and Analytics: two of the most talked about and least understood topics facing the modern CIO. Their mere mention immediately brings to mind many questions.

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3 Lessons for business people regarding Information Security

As experts what lessons would you add to my list?

Blog-post by Myles Suer, Wed, 06/24/2015 - 21:08

When I talk to business people these days about Information Security, they say that they are really worried about their enterprise getting hacked. One CFO at major business said to me, “this is a whole new direction for those of us finance. But recent hacks have scared us and have been to many respects watershed events for us in finance. The fact is we need to be able to trust the network and that the right people are accessing it”.

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Endpoint Security Lessons from the IRS Breach

Blog-post by Dan Ross, Wed, 06/24/2015 - 17:33

In the latest national security breach, identity thieves breached the IRS and gained access to the financial information of over 100,000 taxpayers. The cyber criminals also tried to gain access to 100,000 more taxpayer accounts, but were unsuccessful in their attempts. Security experts suspect that they had access to previously stolen information, including Social Security numbers.

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CRM is best for managing your sales process. But what should be the ideal way to implement it?

Sales process holds a crucial role in every business. If properly managed and monitored, it can fuel the lead conversion rate and bring in more revenue. However, in spite of the great significance that sales process holds in a business, it’s shocking to see how most businesses do not have a well-defined and documented sales process that inevitably mars the overall deal closure rates. In this blog, we discuss the importance of CRM as a sales process management system and explain the ideal way how businesses should go about implementing it.

Blog-post by Corelynx Inc, Wed, 06/24/2015 - 14:24

The mechanics of sales are changing at whiplash speed. A flashy promotional email message or blabbering of bland sales pitch is no longer adequate. Instead, businesses need to anticipate multifarious new sales techniques and become pioneers of those themselves. And in the midst of all these, they require a software that facilitates this sudden spurt of new sales approaches and streamlines them together in a centralized repository.