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What Is Augmented Reality and 3D Sand Modelling?

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In this digital world the trend of augmented reality is really picking up. But most of the people certainly don’t understand- what augmented reality is? Hence, we will be exploring this topic in detail here.

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Mobile App Assessment Shines Spotlight on Exposure Risks

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It’s hard for most of us to imagine modern life without smartphones and tablets. The thought of being tied to a desk or laptop in order to work and play online seems a quaint notion from the distant past. Yet most of the big changes have happened in the last 5-10 years. Rapid advancements in mobile computing and mobile apps continue apace; Vision Mobile puts the worth of the global app economy at $68 billion in 2013, with a projected 2016 value of $143 billion.

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Chat zeroes in converged infrastructure tipping point

CIOs offer sound advice on IT infrastructure.

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Our #CIOchat yesterday asked what the tipping point is for investing in converged infrastructure (CI). The consensus was that there are multiple triggers to consolidate and streamline data centers using CI machinery.

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ERP Adoption Gets Cloudy

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Kevin Beasley

The adoption of cloud-based software is growing in all industries, and for the most part, the benefits are clear—cost savings and improved infrastructure management. But over the past few years, we’re seeing a significant shift to the cloud in one technology industry sector—ERP.


According to recent industry data, more and more organizations plan to move their core ERP systems to the cloud within the next few years. This increased adoption clearly indicates that the cloud has moved into the mainstream.


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The Expansion of E-Commerce

Joining the Dark Side of Technology

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In the last two decades, we have seen more and more industries gain an online presence. Today, you can order just about anything you can think of online, and companies like are moving more products than anybody. It is a sad truth that companies that cannot adapt will be left in the dust - it may be time to join the dark side.

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Data breaches more varied in 2013

"The year of retail data breach." Espionage on the rise, money crimes declining?

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When it comes to the sheer volume of stats and information, Verizon's 2014 Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR) is hard to beat. It's chock full of them -- a must read for anyone in computer security.

A few things jumped out at me. Among them:

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Innovation as strategy

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It’s easier to speak about innovation as a strategy than implement it. The following slide is from an IT strategy presentation we did for all associates. While doing this presentation I actually used Google glass to translate this slide into English, and then I mentioned all the potential business benefits that wearable technologies can help us to achieve.Friedkin companies IT Innovation

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Is it time for IBM to say 'Goodbye to the Machine'?

I would wager that IBM is not actually exiting the server business, it is just shifting positions.

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I pulled this title off a recent 451 Group research paper, published July 10, 2014, and although I have written previous blogs on IBM departing the server business, I don’t believe that IBM is anywhere close to saying “Goodbye to the Machine”. The 451 Group article notes that for the past several quarters, IBM’s systems and technology revenue has been in a steep decline and ended at -23% year-over-year last quarter.

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Top cloud skills employers are looking for

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When the statistic for tech employment has been constant for the last 15 years, and suddenly the numbers change, it’s impossible not to take notice. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in the month of July 2013, 3,600 jobs were created in data processing, hosting and related services, and that’s the single best month of job growth in this category since June 1998.

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Big Data and the Information Governance Imperative

New CIGO Role Positioned to Meet Challenges

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Think Big Data is here?  Just wait – it’s only beginning.

According to IDC, the digital universe is doubling in size every two years, and will reach 44 trillion gigabytes by 2020. Estimates and projections vary, but it has been stated that 90 percent of the data existing worldwide today was created in the last two years and that every two days more information is generated than was from the dawn of civilization until 2003. That’s a lot of information.