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Business Issues, Converged Infrastructure

BYOD breeds distrust between workers and IT

Study reveals almost half of workers fear IT accessing their personal devices

IDG Article , Thu, 07/11/2013 - 14:32

By John P. Mello



Technology, Converged Infrastructure

Can BYOD Breathe New Life Into the Virtual Desktop?

Virtualization keeps hospital's sensitive data safe. A beautiful BYOD strategy

IDG Article , Thu, 07/11/2013 - 14:18

By Tom Kaneshige


Business Issues, Security

Study: Bug bounty programs provide strong value for vendors

Hundreds of thousands paid out

IDG Article , Thu, 07/11/2013 - 13:39

By Jeremy Kirk

IDG News Service (Sydney Bureau)

CIO Leadership, Big Data

4 Tips to Keep ERP Implementation Services on Track

Blog-post by Jesper Kehlet, Wed, 07/10/2013 - 23:20

ERP implementations have become synonymous with racking up unexpected costs and timeline delays.A significant percentage of those setbacks can be attributed to a lack of understanding about the level of ongoing involvement required from both the client and contractor during an IT services engagement. However, businesses can ensure ERP implementation services stay on schedule and budget 

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Business Issues, Cloud

What it takes to be a service provider

Can you make money and how will your cloud offering be different?

Blog-post by Christian Verstraete,
HP Blogger
, Wed, 07/10/2013 - 17:59

Let me now discuss the last of the five use cases I highlighted a while ago, the service provider one.

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Tags: CIO Cloud HP IT SaaS

Business Issues, Big Data

Big data: how much is too much?

Community Video by John Dodge,
Community Manager
, Tue, 07/09/2013 - 14:33

Separating the noise from the value around big data is a monster but essential challenge. ECF community manager asks John Dodge what's valuable and what's a waste of time?

Follow John Dodge on Twitter.


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Technology, Cloud

What’s the difference between a Cloud Server and a Dedicated Server?

Blog-post by Rick Blaisdell, Tue, 07/09/2013 - 13:54

More and more companies are faced with the problem of choosing between traditional/dedicated servers and cloud servers. Before making a decision, it is important to understand the differences between the two servers so you will know that you are making the best decision that meets all of your company’s specific server needs.

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Technology, IT Performance

Using knockd and FlowTraq to Secure Your SSH Server

Blog-post by Joe Simmons, Tue, 07/09/2013 - 08:38

Every network has its own set of security measures, intended to enforce policy, protect assets, and otherwise ensure the proper running of operations without interference. In addition to its other uses, FlowTraq can be used to keep tabs on some of these measures. Some of these uses are obvious: checking your NetFlow history for connection attempts by IPs in your blacklist, for example, or checking traffic volume on ports that should be firewalled off.

Technology, Security

Airport Wi-Fi Isn't As Safe As You Think

Blog-post by Name Withheld, Mon, 07/08/2013 - 23:26

If you're planning on doing a little traveling anytime soon, you should take some time to consider safety and security while out and about. Certainly you've already considered things like emergency money, hiding your cash and checking in with family and friends along your journey, but one of the easiest places to become a victim of crime while traveling is actually right in the airport, on the free Wi-Fi connection they provide. Simply put, we can't afford to take Wi-Fi security for granted while traveling.