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Beat the cloud competition with "coopetition"

Follow these two steps for success in the cloud

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Analysts researching cloud adoption have determined that lines-of-business (LOBs) are adopting cloud services 2.5 times faster than IT is. So what’s behind this eye-opening ratio? Clearly, it is that LOBs now have options. Google offers e-mail services, provides infrastructure options, and a slew of vendors sell SaaS solutions.

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Unlocking the Value of Big Data

CIOs: Do you know the value of your data?

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Would you run your business with only 0.5 percent of your workforce? Could you succeed with just that percentage of your data center utilized? Of course not. And you would never make strategic decisions with only a half a percent of the information available to you. No one in their right mind would do that.

But when it comes to extracting value from Big Data, it’s what most enterprises do every day.

The IDC report, “The Digital Universe in 2020[1]estimates that:

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The changing work place and its impact on IT

Does anyone really need an office?

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One topic we rarely discuss at the Enterprise CIO Forum is how much the workplace has changed and how much it will in the future. Such changes are having an enormous impact on IT.

What got me thinking about this is our next house, not that we are moving any time soon. 

I work mostly from home, but do I really need a home office? Does anyone need an office or anything much more than a small cube in the office? On my weekly visits to the office, I need WiFi, a small table to plunk down my notebook and a chair.

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Choosing The Right Architecture For Developing Mobile Application

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The architectural approach is based on what features are needed. In turn, these features must be based on the iOS platform. If there is only one approach that meets these requirements, the decision making process is fairly simple. Typically, however, there are multiple architectural approaches that could satisfy the requirements, and choosing the most appropriate design means evaluating several factors, some of which are unique to mobile development.


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What today's headlines say about CIOs

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Yesterday's headlines dwelled on the present. Today's focus is on the future. Enterprise CIO Forum community manager Dodge focuses on what that means.

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Emerging Technology: Flexible phones add form and function

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Advent of flexible media and accessories used to power devices such as phones, tablets, batteries promises to make consumer gadgets more user friendly. Users in the future will not have to worry about dropping devices (there goes the insurance), buying accessories (i-phone cover, android cover). Business users in the future will not  need not carry  a 5 lb laptop, which will go easier on the back and help airline checkin.

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As CMOs Grab IT Budget From CIOs, Cloud CapEx and OpEx Shift

The impact of less emphasis placed on standards, functionality and checklists...

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This is a good analysis at of power shift from the CIO to the chief marketing officer that so many say will unfold over the next few years. Here's a sample of the takeaways:

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CIOs planning for things you can’t control

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“Incredible change happens in your life when you decide to take control of what you do have power over instead of craving control over what you don't.”

― Steve Maraboli


Late last year I had one of those strange coincidences that sometimes happen in life.  In one day I had conversations with three men with different jobs, in different industries, from different parts of the US all asking for my advice on the same issue, how to deal with a career situation that they couldn’t control.

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Focus on qualitative attributes when choosing a cloud provider

A top HP cloud consultant explains why mobility and user experience demand new service capabilities.

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Growing business focus on mobility and user experience demand new capabilities. According to Marc Wilkinson, chief technologist in HP Services, with 2013 comes new criteria for choosing cloud service providers. Wilkinson advocates that, in addition to bottom-line “bang for your buck,” the qualitative aspects of a cloud service are key. 

“A service’s cost-to-performance ratio is still important, but with IT services increasingly sourced in the cloud and accessed from mobile devices, you need to focus on a new set of service features and capabilities,” Wilkinson says.