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Data Security & Cyber Privacy: Circumstances Have Changed, and So Should IT

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Lately, it feels like data breaches are making headlines daily. The breaches at Target and Neiman-Marcus, for example, have raised a crescendo of concern that is certainly justified but sometimes a little off base. In particular, there’s confusion over the distinction between online privacy and online security. Some of the commentators have simply been echoing Sun CEO, Scott McNealy’s comments dating back to 1999, suggesting that we all just “get over it” and learn to live without online privacy.

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SpyApp Helps You Provide Real-time Protection for Loved-Ones and Employees

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Security is a major issue to contend with, whether it is in your own home or the workplace. This is what SpyApp is all about, helping you protect your loved-ones when you’re away or your employees when they are out on a very dangerous task.

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A Research Report from Forrester Research, Inc. "Software Must Enrich Your Brand" by John C. McCarthy.

A Research Report from Forrester Research, Inc. "Software Must Enrich Your Brand" by John C. McCarthy, VP & Principal Analyst at Forrester Research, Inc.

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Software is the Brand

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When CIO all-stars become has-beens

Lessons from three real life stories.

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We have all heard the stories or witnessed them first hand.  Perhaps it has happened to you.  A once promising executive suddenly comes crashing to earth in a blaze of spectacular failure.  Sometimes there are ethical or moral failures.  Sometimes, as I noted in an earlier post on executive derailment, the problem stems from a failure to build and maintain peer relationships.  But sometimes it is something else. 

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How IT must transform to meet the challenge of today’s software-defined enterprise

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Alec Wagner

Gone are the days when IT was a supporting infrastructure, managed separately from the actual work of the business. More and more, customers make travel arrangements through a browser; manage finances with mobile apps; shop for books, music, electronic devices and insurance, primarily online. Today, IT has moved to the core of what an enterprise does, making every business into a software business. Customer experience and product development are no longer just supported by software, software is now the face—and often the heart—of your business.

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The 100 CIO Top Guns of Twitter

Small and medium size orgs rule.

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When it comes to Twitter and CIOs, take the Fortune 500 list, crumple it up and throw it in the waste basket.

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Rethinking Typical Cloud Storage

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David Grimes

Enterprises are under increasing pressure to manage the costs and logistics around an exploding volume of data. Much of that data is “copy data” – the byproduct of enterprise data management processes such as backups, snapshots, disaster recovery programs, and test/dev – which produces excess data that must be stored, often at high costs. As of 2013, IDC estimates that copy data is a $44 billion problem, prompting enterprises to pursue solutions to reduce and better manage it.

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Hospital Management Information System

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It is the comprehensive software solution for hospitals which is especially designed to put the operating healthcare practice information just at fingertips of users in a easy-to-understand way to automate hospital management and lower the functional expenditure.

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ERP Software Solutions for Real Estate Industry

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ERP software solutions for Real Estate business improves managerial competence by integrating the overall respective departments to one main point. Organizes the complex business process of Real Estate business by computerizing major areas and integrating those with the business.

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Twitter chat yields Big Data insights, links to related posts

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Our Twitter chat this week asking whether Big Data is an enterprise survival pre-requisite yielded great insights from a variety of observers. Of course it is: data driven companies have been shown to be the most profitable.

Below are my eight favorite tweets, 2-4 of which speak to specificity, business processes and knowing what you're looking for. 

In a new twist this week, I found Enterprise CIO Forum blog posts related to each of the eight highlighted tweets. Simply click on the bolded text. Number 6 has two links.

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