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Make User Experience a Top Priority

After database, no software has become more strategic than unified performance analytics.

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All organization should make user experience a top priority.  After database, no software has become more strategic than a unified performance management platform.  If applications don’t perform to end user expectations, return on investment (ROI) and risk management objectives cannot be achieved.  Employee engagement falters, customer loyalty erodes and the company lags behind its peer group in financial performance and market valuation.


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iOS Games

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As pictures progressively turn into a more real piece of the substance we expend on the Web, it has gotten to be obvious that a solid photograph imparting methodology is pivotal for social networking and blogging achievement. We're seeing a picture blast. Simply take a gander at the sheer number of picture driven destinations that are assuming a wide part for organizations to interface with their clients. Instagram is a powerhouse and one of the quickest developing interpersonal organizations out there.

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Five Laws of Business Applications for CIOs in 2015

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Matt Calkins

When a CIO first launches an enterprise application, staff acceptance can be slow. Any minor difficulties with the new application lead to reluctance in adoption. What’s more, application costs have risen because of the need to create multiple versions for desktop and mobile platforms.

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3 Ways to Build Great Cloud Apps

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In hashing out a cloud solution, there are a lot of choices to make. Assuming the plan is to develop the application in the cloud, there are multiple options when it comes to where the apps will live as well as the way users will experience them. On the hosting side of things, there are three basic structures to consider: public, private, and hybrid. Similarly, there are three choices concerning the apps themselves. Those choices are to build a native app that runs directly on the user’s device, a web app that can be accessed from a web browser wherever users are, or a hybrid option.

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Security finally getting it due: #CIOchat

But will it get the dollars it deserves next year?

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Community Manager

Security may not get the dollars it deserves in 2015, but with a few costly and very public hacks his year, it's gaining mindshare. That was the conclusion from our #CIOchat last Thursday on digital technology spending in the new year.

Just ask Target where the cost of the 40 million strong credit card hack was estimated at $200 million. A disaster like that will get the attention of any CEO or board right quick.    

As an aside, I got dinged for using the term "digital" because as one Tweep said, it's "so 90s." I only used it to distinguish the type of technology.

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Critical Application Resiliency

Building cyber security into apps from the start.

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by Stan Wisseman


As threat actors grow in sophistication and effectiveness (as we’ve seen with Sony Pictures this week), organizations must enhance their understanding of failure states and their potential impacts. While infrastructure and systems also need to be resilient, applications are taking the brunt of successful attacks. We need to take more proactive steps to ensure that applications can resist attack.

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SDN and the Tree Gender Test

Software Defined Networking (SDN)

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I was raised in the mountains of Southern California in a small town called Green Valley Lake.  When "flatlanders (non-mountain dwellers)" came up to the mountain we would tell them that you can tell the gender of a ponderosa pine by smelling the bark.  If it smells like vanilla it is a male, otherwise it is a female. If delivered correctly, the "Tree Gender" test proved to be very entertaining.

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Sizing a cloud can be tricky

Look at CPU, RAM and vCPUs

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Let’s discuss virtual CPU’s and their place in cloud environments.  How many CPUs and RAM does your application that is targeted for the Cloud currently use?

Cloud technology primarily leverages virtual computers.  Each of the virtual computers have a defined amount of compute power, represented as processors and RAM.

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Applications 4s

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Apple, confirmed BendGate, the idea that it is an iPhone and iPhone 6 6 Plus is easy to twist and bend permanently without much effort, is not true. "In normal use, the bending of the iPhone is very rare, and in our first six days of the sale, all nine clients have contact with a slew of Apple IPhone 6 Plus", says Apple. But he showed a video on YouTube and report that there is a wire bent a real problem for the new device Apple. Thus, Consumer Reports gave the phone to check. You must ensure that your new iPhone 6 you spent 48 hours in line to ask?

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SMB hybrid cloud adoption progressing, but slow

Education about the advantages is key.

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In the attached video, Ernesto Pellegrino, co-founder of the community, discusses some use cases and challenges small and medium-sized companies face adopting hybrid clouds. He was interviewed by HP software evangelist Paul Muller at HP Discover this week in Barcelona.