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Credit card hacks abound. What's going on?

We chat about this 2-3 p.m. ET today... #CIOchat

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This week, it Home Depot's credit cards. A few weeks ago, it's Target's. Is any of your financial information safe? 

That's what we are discussing in today's Twitter chat. Our main question is "What does the recent spate of credit cards hacks say about the state of cybersecurity?"

The chat is from 2-3 p.m. ET, hashtag #CIOchat

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Attributes to Consider When Hiring an IT Manager

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Hiring an IT Manager is never easy.

IT Manager is unique position that requires a mix of technical skills as well as a bit of human resources knowledge. To hire an effective IT Manager you must consider both of these aspects of the job. To find the right person, consider some of these key attributes during your interview process.

  • Technical IT Skills
  • Leadership Abilities
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Conflict Management
  • Vision

Technical IT Skills

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Changing styles of IT driven by the fashionable world of IoT

A cool bracelet from – wait for IT – Intel!

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“For most wearable makers, it would be in their best interest to stop worrying about the gizmos inside, and start worrying about the look and feel of their products -- says Nick Bilton in this New York Times article that refers to various wearables including the MICA –bracelet recently announced by Intel.&

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The importance of cloud computing in manufacturing

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Because lately we kept discussing about the Internet of Things, we should perhaps mention that this trend is part of a larger industry, cloud manufacturing. With a large impact over the industries of aerospace, healthcare, education and financial services, here is another industry that cloud computing is highly influencing lately: manufacturing.

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Driving Classes in Toronto Make You Confident On the Road

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Knowing how to drive a vehicle is something that all of us aspire for. It is a thrilling experience and the same time allows you to be anywhere anytime without having to depend on anyone else. Though you can learn it from a friend or a family member it is always advisable that you join a professional driving school in Toronto. MTO approved schools adopt organized curriculums which make you confident on the road. By joining one you would be investing on a skill for a lifetime.

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CIOs: How does your CFO look at data?

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According to the Financial Executives Institute, CFOs say their second highest priority this year is to harness business intelligence and big data. Their highest priority is to improve cash flow and working capital efficiency and effectiveness. This means CFOs highest two priorities are centered around data. At roughly the same time, KPMG has found in their survey of CFOs that 91% want to improve the quality of their financial and performance insight obtained from the data that they produce.

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Pinning down a definition for converged infrastructure

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I have seen studies that forecast the coverged infrastructure (CI) market to be between $17.2 billion and $402 billion over roughly the same time frame (by 2016 or 2017).


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Mobile access to the enterprise essential

CIO must evaluate security implications.

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Yesterday's Twitter chat focused on the balancing act between mobile access and security. Most agree that mobile workers must be given acccess to perform their jobs. Others weighed mobile access in terms of business value: if there's value in access, it must be given. 

With that in mind, the Tweets of the week came from CIO Wilfredo Lasalle (@wlassalle). There's two: 

"The attention to BYOD mattered when it was wanted by the users/business. Now the CIO needs to manage its security implications."

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Using Software to improve business productivity

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The Challenge facing today’s organization

A formidable challenge facing executives and managers globally is to make the teams’ work easier, faster and more competitively. Organizations today need to work efficiently in order to remain competitive.

Executives focus on getting more benefit per employee revenue, per employee profit and better overall organizational productivity. Managers are always on the lookout for new, more efficient solutions and methods to bring their teams up to a higher level of business productivity and quality.

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The healthcare industry needs a new security prescription

What recent high profile PHI data breaches can teach other industries

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It’s not just hospital gowns that are exposing things best left private – it’s also data breaches.

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