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What's Hot in Electronic Content Management

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The rapid adoption of tablets and smartphones for everyday computing use is dramatically affecting how ECM systems are used and how they must evolve.  Technologies based on installed client software—Java, .NET components, Office software or even Adobe Acrobat— are increasingly marginalized by a call for simplicity in use, but not in capability. In this environment, there are a number of areas that must be evaluated in order for ECM systems to evolve and support the new way in which we are working.

Security Can’t be Ignored

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Preparing the Next Generation of Mainframe Experts

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The mainframe today is as relevant as ever. Ninety percent of Fortune 500 companies depend on a mainframe and nearly 70 percent of all enterprise transactions touch the platform, so it should come as no surprise that this is an in demand skill set.

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Maximize Efficiency of Database with Custom Data Enrichment Services

Custom Data Enrichment Services

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It is the responsibility of every organization to manage and organize its databases in an efficient manner. It is important to cleanse business-critical information and fine-tune it to eliminated old, duplicated and superfluous records. This, in turn, also helps the sales department to target the right prospects and increase profits.

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The Fastest Way to Virtualize

Designed for simplicity, integrated systems provide faster deployment, simpler lifecycle management, and unified support. Trust a system that’s easy to implement and manage, and that will free IT from virtualization complexity, allowing innovation and agility.

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At the last Discover event, Tom Joyce, SVP and GM, HP Converged Systems, unveiled a new line of ConvergedSystem products, including the HP ConvergedSystem for Virtualization 300 and 700 – also known as “Project Sharks” – which are integrated systems workload optimized for virtualization. 

We at HP understand your challenges.

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Twitter chat: What’s up with big data?

Join the Enterprise CIO Forum community for a Twitter chat 1:00 PM EST Thursday. #CIOchat

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“Say ‘big data’ one more time…”

And we will. Join the Enterprise CIO Forum for our second #CIOchat this Thursday, March 27 from 1-2 PM EST as we look at the relationship(s) between big data and the enterprise. Community manager John Dodge takes the lead as we ask ourselves, is exploiting as much data as possible a prerequisite to enterprise survival?

Among other things, we’ll look at:

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We are all a Target - Operationalizing Enterprise Security

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You are correct in thinking this blog post title is a play on words. Indeed it is. I mean to say that yes indeed every enterprise is a target in the sense that they are targeted for a breach. I also mean that we, collectively, are all prone to the exact same alleged failure that caused the massive breach at Target.

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Big Data’s Big Problem

The E&P Vertical Calls Me Out

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It’s not easy being a visionary.  There’s the constant stress of predicting future trends, of analyzing new ideas and technologies, and of course there’s the groupies.  A hard life, to be sure, but it got a little harder for me when I met with an oil/gas supermajor recently.  Every idea I had for Big Data and analytics on the upstream side was rejected as no more than a “moon-shot.”  Where was my rock-solid financial value proposition, they asked.  What was the compelling narrative they could sell to the business?

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Top 5 Mistakes of Webmasters

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We tend to put onus on webmasters every time when chips are down, but it is not easy for webmasters to make things always straight, even more than SEO algorithms are constantly on the roll. SEO in the recent years has become an overwhelming organic task where webmasters slip lots of things from their usual workbook. So, what are mistakes a common webmaster generally does?

1.       Problem with website architecture

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Smart home gadgets that make you feel like home

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When you were young, did you ever wonder what the future might look like? I did, and it sure looks more and more like we’re heading into what I imagined. Like I mentioned in a previous article, the Internet is no longer confined to just desktops, tablets or smartphones, it’s expanding into every part of consumers daily lives and into their homes.

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What does it take to be successful with IT Projects?

IT Project Guiding Principles

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Over 70% of IT projects fail to deliver their promised value. What can you do to avoid some of the pitfalls along the way?