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The four stages of an IT turnaround

There is no happiness except in the realization that we have accomplished something. – Henry Ford

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Last month I wrote about the first steps a new CIO should take when assuming the role.  In this post I want to expand on the “new CIO” theme and discuss the four stages of an IT turnaround.

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Files, Files, Everywhere Files!

Innovation for the Next Phase of File Management

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Matt Karash

The arrival and rapid expansion of public cloud and other new file storage options offers many potential benefits for CIOs and the workers that they support.  Achievable gains include cost savings, better support for BYOD and mobile work models and automatic sync/backup capabilities to name a few.  But with the expanding set of possibilities comes complexity.

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Why 2014 Will Be the Significant Year for Wearable Technology?

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2014 will mark a significant growth for wearable technology. As per the industry predictors, the wearable technology will grow by 350% this year which is HUGE to say the least. Currently, wearable devices are a very small part of technology industry but this notion is all set to change.

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Reward or Punish? Motivating Employee Compliance with BYOD

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The prospect of implementing a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy has many businesses either eager to get started if they haven’t already, or fearful of the negative consequences that might arise. In theory, BYOD can lead to many desired benefits, like improved proficiency, more satisfied employees, and lower costs.

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Best Practices in Enterprise Mobility Implementation

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Over the years, vendors offering mobile enterprise application platform and mobile application development platforms have ruled the market place and have in a way influenced the requirements of organizations. However, the landscapes have changed and these vendors no more dictate the market.

Now, companies are smartly choosing their vendors and are dictating the terms. 

Strategic Planning and Implementation 

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Four Critical Cloud Challenges Facing CIOs in 2014

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The role of the CIO is changing. According to a June 27 article from NextGov, federal agencies are coming to terms with the idea that greater CIO responsibilities must dovetail with increased authority and a broader perspective. To that end, Congress is debating a proposal that would see CIOs granted full budget control — and full responsibility for any IT investments.

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7 Bad Data Habits That Hamper Sales Operation Success

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It’s all too easy to fall into bad habits at the office: browsing social media, online shopping during business hours, or maybe even sneaking glimpses of World Cup matches when you should be finishing that critical report. But what about the habits we don’t even realize we’re repeating day in and day out? These commonplace behaviors can seriously damage your chances of success, especially if you’re a member of the sales team working with large amounts of customer and prospect data.

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Changing the CFO CIO conversation

The CIO's view

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HP Blogger

How CFOs can change the conversation with their CIO?

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Emerging technology Twitter chat talks up Big Data, analytics

Wearables and IoT not so much, but....

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Community Manager

We had a very robust Twitter chat about which emerging technologies and which ones aren't. Such an open ended question always sparks debate, but the answers are pretty obvious - Big Data and then cloud and are most important while the value of wearables and Internet of Things are less well understood. There was almost no mention of mobile and we had at least four CIO types in the chat!

We also danced around the issue with many Tweets talking about what would make an emerging technology important - supporting the business strategy and end users, good governance and so forth.

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What is the digital enterprise: July 17th Twitter chat

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Community Manager

The media, analysts and some CIOs are obsessed with the digital enterprise. So what is it exactly?

That's our central question in the Twitter chat on July 17th from 2-3 p.m. EDT. The hashtag is #CIOchat