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‘Data Breach’ - Top Concern for CIOs in 2015

EiQ Networks' recent survey of CIOs and top IT professionals across industries found that security breaches are the top concern in 2014 and moving into 2015.

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EiQ Networks recently surveyed CIOs and top IT pros across industries, and found, not surprisingly, that security breaches are the top concern in 2014 and moving into 2015.


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Eight ways to lower costs with the cloud

Enterprise software development an untapped target.

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A primary goal for the CIO since the beginning of IT time has been to keep costs low. And one area that is not always a focus of cost reduction is enterprise software development. Cloud to the rescue.   


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Clearing up the confusion between IaaS and Paas

"It's all about PaaS."

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It’s all about “Platform as a Service” these days. But juxtaposed to Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), what does PaaS mean, and how do you make the right choice for a given application? I see at least two different kind of PaaS environments addressing different scenarios and needs. It’s important, when embarking on the development and/or migration of an application to a cloud environment, to thoroughly think through which PaaS environment to use.

PaaS, a definition

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CIOops! The Biggest C-Suite Cloud Mistakes

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According to a recent ZDNet article, CIOs and IT departments are re-establishing control over technology and cloud spending in the enterprise. Once focused on the deployment of traditional hardware and software services over cloud adoption, CIOs have come to realize the transformative power of distributed computing — and the results are clear. Eighty percent of cloud spend now is now under the purview of IT departments, with 62 percent involving CIOs directly.

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Converged infrastructure selected readings

An under-the-radar IT topic comes into the full light of day.

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Converged Infrastructure (CI) has generated as much curiousity among CIOs as any IT topic. How do I know? When we did a post about Converged Infrastructure for Dummies 2.0 a few months ago, several CIOs trying to get it were irate when there was a registration glitch to activate the download. I mean downright angry!

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Top Cloud Computing Blogs 2014 Edition

We've updated our top cloud blogger list. Take a look!

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In 2012, IDG’s Colin Browning wrote an Enterprise CIO Forum article listing the top cloud computing blogs for CIOs. But cloud computing, like all enterprise technology, has changed in two years. And we’ve updated our list to focus on the latest in cloud computing.

Some may look familiar, and others new.

Take a look at our 2014 review of some of the top cloud computing blogs! And be sure to list your favorite cloud blogs in the comments below.

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Not Just for War - Changing the Perception of Drones

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Unfortunately, drones are probably most commonly associated with the nightmarish scenarios playing out on everyday news. Reports of violence and political turmoil seem to plague these sophisticated machines which is really quite an injustice considering how useful they can be.

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CTO Focus Interview: Rick Blaisdell, Motus

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In the second installment of our CTO Focus Interview series (view part I with Stuart Appley here), I got the chance to sit down with Rick Blaisdell, CTO at Motus, at a coffee shop in Portsmouth, NH. Rick is an experienced IT pro with more than 20 years experience in the industry.

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An Overview of Content Creation and Marketing

Creating content is as crucial as creating the content marketing strategy and many consider it a difficult task. In today’s online world, it is not so easy to create quality and engaging content that fulfils search engines and readers expectations.

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Creating content is as c

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4 Major Factors To Implement DMS

A document management system is a tool which stores, sorts and indexes a document with its standard parameters and special parameters as established by the company implementing it and allows for easy retrieval using minimum search parameters.

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