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More Meaningful Measures of Datacenter Productivity

Going beyond PUE

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How Do You Really Measure Datacenter Productivity?

Energy efficiency is a useful but limited measurement and should be correlated intelligently with other meaningful metrics to attain more useful insights into the business productivity of the datacenter.

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Why is My Application So Slow?

A guide to common application performance problems

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Michael Thompson

Without a doubt, applications have become the lifeblood of business. Subpar application availability and performance almost always leads to lost productivity and reduced revenue. Think about it: What happens to productivity across the board when Outlook goes down? What happens to sales when an application such as NetSuite or Salesforce is unavailable? The words screeching halt come to mind.

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The IoT market will be bigger than the smartphone, tablet, and PC markets combined

With the ever increasing number of connected devices globally, and with the potential of smart objects, the Internet of Things (IoT) market is set for accelerated growth in 2014 as more businesses realize its potential uses and the positive impact it can have on a multitude of industry verticals.

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The IoT market has already gained momentum with increasing adoption, offering a wide variety of uses and portfolio of applications. The main attraction offered by the Internet of Things is its potential to change strategy and a wide range of new products and service possibilities.

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Innovating wearables on your wrist is just a matter of time

A Personal dashboard for your digital life

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HP Blogger

The Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) Menswear Designer of the Year for 2011, Michael Bastian says, “Through the process of setting the men’s fashion direction for Bergdorf Goodman, it became increasingly clear to me that there was a real need for a new American voice in the men’s designer world—something modern and luxurious, but also a little broken down and familiar.” So it’s no surprise Bastian would work with HP and online retailer

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10 Features To Check Out in your Subscription Management Solution – Part 2

In my previous blog we discussed about the first 5 features that ISVs should check out while choosing their subscription management solution. In this blog I will be covering the remaining 5 features and their importance.

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In my previous blog we discussed about the first 5 features that ISVs should check out while choosing their subscription management solution. In this blog I will be covering the remaining 5 features and their importance.

Subscription management

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A five step journey to the cloud

Do not rush your cloud implementation.

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HP Blogger

While getting into the cloud fast can seem attractive, a deliberate step-by-step approach is the wisest course. Rushing to the cloud without considering all its implications is not a good idea. So here are five steps to consider as you evaluate cloud options.  

Step 1: Standardize and Consolidate

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Boost Security in the Cloud: Four Best Practices for CIOs

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According to the Wall Street Journal, CIOs are increasingly called upon to be the “end point” for cloud security. Front-line IT professionals, admins and even chief security officers (CSOs) typically report to the CIO — and if CIOs don't have a clear cloud security mandate, enterprise networks are at risk. Here are four best practices for CIOs to help ensure maximum cloud security.

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Creating a Big Data Ecosystem in the Enterprise

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Consuming critical data and coming to grips with large-scale datasets have become vital requirements in the enterprise. The emergence of ‘big data’ has seen small businesses and large corporations alike realize the potential they have lurking beneath the surface. Now they want to bring those insights into the light. But how can organizations not only leverage the information available to them, while also ensuring they create an effective ecosystem to maintain and analyze all of this data?

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The business benefits of Converge Enterprise

Learn how Converge Enterprise functions as a complete Business Management Solution to help its clients improve efficiency and generate more profit.

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Converge Enterprise is an on-demand complete Business Management Solution that enables you to monitor and manage sales, marketing inventory, and customer relationship management from one business system.

More than just a CRM software application, it combines the power of customer relationship management, multi-channel marketing, business process automation, document management, partner collaboration, project management, quotes/invoicing, and dynamic reports and analytics under one roof.

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