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Survey Highlights the Challenge of Hybrid Cloud

This IDG Research Services study, conducted in August, 2014, reveals how organizations are using cloud computing services and the workload types employed across various cloud environments. The study also shows the extent to which organizations are currently able to achieve workload portability.

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Bringing home Enterprise Security with personal experiences

BYOD is Shadow-IT-in-a-box

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HP Blogger

After blogging about my personal experience with loss of access to data on my device, there have been some unrelated developments in the industry that mirror some of my own thoughts and experiences.  What is intriguing is some of the steps we take to secure our information as individuals and families at home may very well be the same thoughts that could apply at an enterprise level.  Enterprise Security can begin at home with our own personal experiences.  Let me explain.

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“Bring Your Own App?” More Like “Develop Your Own App”

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Application development is no longer the sole responsibility of the IT department. End-users can access a candy store of low-cost, easy to use applications on a daily basis and make use of them in their personal lives. It is no wonder the consumerization of IT is impacting the expectations and methods of employees. As such, there is an increasing amount of pressure put on IT, developers and CIOs to keep pace with user demands or risk employees taking IT decisions into their own hands.

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Is cloud computing right for your small/medium size business?

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Cloud computing provides a great list of benefits to large companies and users all over the world, from providing scalability on demand services to empowering the mobility of the workforce. However, the path to adoption for small and medium size businesses (SMBs) is less clear. This is why I’ve outlined some key considerations for SMBs looking to migrate to a cloud computing infrastructure.

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Why Your Business Needs Both Mobile Apps and Mobile Website?

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In this technology era, you should be well aware of the fact that trends in technology are booming ahead at the speed of light. So you need to be well acquainted with latest trends in technology especially those who run consumer facing business. Simply relying on traditional pattern can be risky for your business. We all know that computers have now become almost obsolete. With the introduction of mobile technology the landscape of consumer behaviour and the way we do business has completely changed.

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3 Practical Steps to Surviving the Cloud Storm

Managing technology and organization changes without going crazy

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HP Blogger

The days of putting in a service request and waiting three weeks to get what you want are over. For the business to keep its competitive edge, IT has to deliver resources to employees and customers in a matter of days if not hours. Take HP: to interact more nimbly with customers and release products and services faster, we’ve transformed the company, for ourselves and our customers. “Today, IT is poised to shake up even more industries,” says HP CEO Meg Whitman.

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How To Protect Your Company From Your Employees

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Does your increasingly data-reliant firm face an insidious danger? While you spend plenty of time and money preventing external security breaches and maintaining separation between your mission-critical hardware and the outside world, your employees may nonetheless be putting you at risk.


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The 5 stages of app performance maturity

At what stage is your company — and how do you get to the top level?

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Gerben Verstraete

IT operations has never had an easy time evaluating how business applications are performing end-to-end. If this sounds like a familiar conversation from years gone by, you are correct. But now the growing complexity of mobile apps and composite apps is fueling the challenge anew. Most of my customers are moving to a level of maturity with their application monitoring processes, as app visibility is critical to business revenues.

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Optimized resource management maximizes internal and external staff

Gaining better insight allows you to make the most of project resources

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Jason Waugh

Of all my enterprise clients, I can’t recall any who rely solely on internal resources for a major project. Chances are, your business is the same: You’re working with global teams of IT staff and developers, and you’re using some internal resources mixed with external contractors for certain tasks.

This mix complicates the staffing process. Underscoring that complexity is the fact that most staffing models don’t provide the information needed to make the most efficient use of resources — especially external contractors. The end result: project delays and wasted money.

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Security Concerns For EMV Smartcards

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Retailers and financial institutions have until October 2015 to meet the credit card network-imposed deadline to adopt an EMV payment system (which uses a chip-based card reader instead of a magnetic stripe on the back of a card) in order to receive fraud liability protection, but some experts and industry groups remain critical over promises that EMV will deliver more security — particularly given the existing state of credit card and debit card use in the United States.