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Shifting sands beneath the CIO's feet

HP CIO Ramon Baez to host webinar on how dramatically and fast the role is changing.

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Wondering how much and fast the CIO's role is changing? Well, hear from one prominent CIO who's living this transformation.

HP CIO Ramon Baez will host a webinar on Aug. 12 "The changing role of the CIO." Click here to register for the event, which begins at 11 ET and 2 PT.

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Dynamic Data Integration Part II

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Dynamic data integration incorporating data quality and master data management (MDM) assures consistency and reliability for upstream analytics and information sharing.  A pragmatic approach that treats all of a company’s data as big data will facilitate integration efforts.

In Part I, we stressed the importance of data quality.  In this post, we focus on MDM and the connection between the two as part of data governance strategy.

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Social media impacts on small businesses sales conversions

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Today Social Media has tremendous influences on every business, no matter whether it is big or small. Small and local businesses lack in improvisations, innovations, creativity and consistency. Here are 6 steps small businesses must adapt to ensure a solid & engaging social media presence across internet. Starting from understanding the target audience & demographic, social media technicalities, cost & returns, timing & behavior and creativity & engagements and sales & conversion.

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Five things CIOs need to keep in mind when making developmental job assignments

“The growth and development of people is the highest calling of leadership.” - Harvey S. Firestone

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I have been coaching a young executive who was recently promoted into a new role overseeing a significant organization.  He has identified several people to whom he wants to give developmental assignments to further develop their leadership skills.  As we discussed the various options available to him and how to best approach them and address their questions about their new role, I recalled my own experiences working for a company many years ago that gave me multiple opportunities to get “outside of my comfort zone” and learn about business and life.

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Converged infrastructure a hot topic for CIOs

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Our weekly Twitter chat yesterday zeroed in defining converged infrastructure (CI) and the rationale behind it. CI is a hot topic for CIOs and is being driven by the search for efficiencies and better productivity in the context of cloud, Big Data and mobile.

First the numbers for yesterday's chat: 32 participants and 230 Tweets (at least three were CIOs).

Our questions were: what is CI?; how big a priority is it for 2014? and what is hyper-CI?

Use the hashtag #CIOchat to view the full stream of 230 Tweets between 2-3 p.m. EDT Thursday. We'll be back next week.

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Customized Hospital Management System

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A Hospital Management System fulfills the clinical, financial and administrative requirements, giving a centralized accessibility of each department in the hospital.

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Why Agile Development in Government

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Bryant Young

When I came into government from the private sector, it was apparent that long-running waterfall projects were a challenge.  They are a challenge in the private industry as well, but even more so in government when you take into account leadership changes, shifting political priorities, and all of the different constituents that use your applications.

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The Confidence Gap: Is Your Data Quality Suspect?

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How many times have you felt a nagging sensation when making important business decisions – be it market planning or placing inventory orders – that your data does not feel quite right?

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Why Enterprise Architects Need to Think About Data First?

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Enterprise Architects (EAs) are increasingly being asked to think 3-5 years out.  This means that they need to take an even more active part in the strategy process, and to help drive business transformation.  A CIO that we talked to recently said;