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Data Artists are Data Scientists with a GPS for Innovation

Applying Science to the Art of Innovation

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 “Like many aspects of the digital age, this idea that innovation resides where art and science connect is not new”, says Walter Isaacson, CEO at Aspen Institute.  Back in 1957, Issac Asimov explored the reasons why people get new ideas – as he explains in this

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The Move to Cloud: A View from the Ground

As businesses move their enterprise to the cloud, how can CIOs ensure that the new technology works with existing IT platforms?

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The article is co-authored by Mr. L N Balaji, President – North America, ITC Infotech and Mr. Anand Sukumaran, Vice President – Managed Services, ITC Infotech.

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4 CIO Strategies For Successful B2B E-Commerce

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According to Internet Retailer, B2B e-commerce sales have already exceeded B2C, and by the end of this year, B2B revenue is expected to reach $800 billion or more. As noted by a recent Forbes article, however, CIOs are still struggling to make B2B “click” with prospective buyers. Read on for critical strategies to help enhance B2B efforts.

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Managing Risk in a Cyber-Enabled World

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Cyber-attacks continue to become more innovative and sophisticated than ever before. Data breaches at major retail brands such as Target, Neiman Marcus, Michaels, Home Depot and more have demonstrated that cyber risk is an ever-growing concern for businesses around the world. In today’s cyber age, a company’s reputation – and the trust dynamic that exists amongst suppliers, customers and partners – has become a very real target for cybercriminals and hacktivists.

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Why Business Intelligence is Key for Competitive Advantage Infographic

An overview of the use of business intelligence to gain an edge.

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In today's ultra-competitive market, it is more important than ever to differentiate your offering from the competition. Knowing what your competitors are doing and how to make your offering unique, is vital to a business' long-term success. 

This infographic by Boston University’s online Master of Science in Computer Information Systems program outlines the importance of competitive intelligence in today's crowded market. 

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The Future of Mobile Application Infographic

As the use of smart phones and devices increases, as does the demand for mobile apps and mobile developers.

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Part of being an effective CIO is harnessing innovation and leveraging technology to reach consumers. In today's day and age, this means mobile technology. As smart phone usage grows and consumers are increasingly innundated with live data and advertisements, the importance of using mobile technology effectively has grown.

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Maybe Big Data is really Dark Data

Dark Data that's finally coming into daylight..

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Our #CIOchat yesterday argued the merits of #BigData and how much traction it is getting. No one doubted its importance, but a few went back to square one by asking for a crisper definition of the term. Therein lies part of the problem: there's no universal definition for #Big Data (to me, it's analytics that looks at more data).

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Enterprises turn to Big Data to safeguard their brands, boost customer confidence

More accurate operational, supply chain, and marketplace insights bolster your bottom line

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At the summit of Big Data analytics lies a truly holistic view of your products. Enterprises that can see how their products are performing in both the supply chain and in the marketplace can get a more realistic sense of performance while protecting brand integrity. To achieve this, supply chain and operations must be able to measure against performance goals and gain a level of visibility into supply chain integrity that ensures counterfeit goods aren’t being sold on the black market or funneled into gray markets.

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How the Internet of Things can improve IT’s automation efforts

Big Data can ease the burden of discovering, managing configurations

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My previous post explored how taking a big-picture approach to automation can eliminate waste and drive value. Likewise, discovering and managing your configurations more effectively can save your IT organization time and money.

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Decreasing Data Breach Risks: 10 Steps For Success

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According to the Global State of Information Security 2015, data breaches cost companies an average of $2.7 million each year. What's more, the total number of IT security incidents rose by almost 50 percent in 2014, while security budgets slipped. With attack numbers on the rise, budgets in decline and recovery costs skyrocketing, companies need ways to decrease risk rather than clean up the mess. Here are 10 essential steps.