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Enterprise Development Solutions and Landscapes of Digital Revolution

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For some years down the line, a typical enterprise has seen a major revolution, where paper files were replaced by digitized files, the conventional mail was replaced by emails and gradually real time communication became the norm with availability of phone calls, faxes, and online conference meetings.

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Top 10 Tips For Hiring an SEO Company in India

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The main objective of SEO is to attract traffic for a website. This requires a careful review of the website, understanding of what the business owner expects to gain from the SEO activity and formulation of a set of strategies which will help in fulfilling the goal.

SEO is a technical matter and a SEO company of India providing professional SEO services is best positioned to help the business owner achieve this. However, not every company is good enough to deliver the desired results.

A business owner may look at the following 10 parameters before selecting a SEO company.

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Converged security: When departments collaborate, everyone wins

Operations and security must work together to break down silos, while the CIO/CISO cracks the whip

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Gerben Verstraete

Rather than bother with a simple denial of service attack, today’s cybercriminals are most likely to go after your intellectual property and enterprise data. You can’t battle the current crop of bad guys with yesterday’s static policy-based frameworks — instead, you must actively safeguard data and search for threats.

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Data Artists are Data Scientists with a GPS for Innovation

Applying Science to the Art of Innovation

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 “Like many aspects of the digital age, this idea that innovation resides where art and science connect is not new”, says Walter Isaacson, CEO at Aspen Institute.  Back in 1957, Issac Asimov explored the reasons why people get new ideas – as he explains in this

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The Move to Cloud: A View from the Ground

As businesses move their enterprise to the cloud, how can CIOs ensure that the new technology works with existing IT platforms?

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The article is co-authored by Mr. L N Balaji, President – North America, ITC Infotechand Mr. Anand Sukumaran, Vice President – Managed Services, ITC Infotech.

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What is digital transformation?

CIOs tackle the digital enterprise.

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There are a lot of mushy hype laden terms when it comes to IT: "digital enterprise" and "digital transformation" are two of them. So I was pleased to read that long time colleague and veteran IT journalist Michael Fitzgerald tackled the topic in a story at

After interviewing several CIOs, Fitzgerald determined it means dirfferent things to different people.Here's a few observations.

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4 CIO Strategies For Successful B2B E-Commerce

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According to Internet Retailer, B2B e-commerce sales have already exceeded B2C, and by the end of this year, B2B revenue is expected to reach $800 billion or more. As noted by a recent Forbes article, however, CIOs are still struggling to make B2B “click” with prospective buyers. Read on for critical strategies to help enhance B2B efforts.

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Have You Outgrown Your ERP System?

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Kevin Beasley

Most mid-market organizations – those with $25M to $500M in annual revenues – have outgrown their existing ERP systems, but many are not aware of this dilemma and the additional challenges it will present down the road. These fast-moving organizations are often too focused on the business at hand to make sweeping IT changes every year. Moreover, they find they can make do with what they already have in place, even if they are relying on home grown systems or a disparate collection of third-tier solutions that are barely held together.

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The most common reasons that prevent IT to reach full potential – 2nd: Too manual process

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Our second post is about the manual processes that are so common in IT shops. IT specializes in analyzing and automating business processes. Every IT group knows how to automate business processes for their customers. Some groups are doing it better than others, but all IT groups are doing it.

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The Importance of Facebook Advertising for Small Businesses

Facebook is looking to boost its advertising revenue. It has just acquired a video ad tech start-up – LiveRail, which connects marketers to publishers, on mobile devices and the web.

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