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Wearables fashion v. function: depends on who's buying.

#CIOchat reveals substantial interest from CIO in wearables.

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Our Twitter #CIOchat this week tackled wearable devices: fashion versus function? The consensus was it depends on the market, but that fashion is very important in most cases. 

We also explored IT and security implications of smart watches and more broadly, wearable devices. But first the numbers: 28 participants (a half dozen CIOs) cranked out 282 Tweets in our hour long #CIOchat.

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Is the Internet Getting Safer? Why There's Reason for Concern and Optimism

Is the Internet Getting Safer?

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It almost goes without saying that there is a lot of concern when it comes to internet security these days. We’re heading online more and more often while also putting more sensitive information about ourselves on the internet. It’s increasingly common for businesses to interact with customers online, and considering the headlines revolving around security breaches and privacy leaks, many of the security worries seem justified.

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Why Most Global Businesses Won’t Realize the Promise of Enterprise Comms

By John Curtis, VP of Business Transformation, Vodafone Global Enterprise

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Many CIOs today can’t keep pace with the communications needs of the enterprise. The volume of information and devices that need to be managed is growing and the costs can be unpredictable. The roster of vendors servicing the wired, wireless and cloud needs of an organization is creating a patchwork solution with many seams.

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Recipe for Successful SaaS Company

SaaS has almost become the defacto standard of delivering products

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SaaS has almost become the defacto standard of delivering products. ISVs selling on-premise products have started realizing that SaaS is the key to stay in the competition. But, whether you migrate your product to SaaS or build a new one, it’s important for an ISV to understand the best practices that can help them avoid the mistakes/learnings that have already been made

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Web 3.0 (A semantic perspective)

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The goal of this introduction is to explain internet trends (web 3.0) from the point of view of Feng Qiao Software and give an overview of web 3.0. Perspective is a new concept created and introduced by Feng Qiao Software to design web 3.0.

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Difference between Huawei SSN1SL64(LS-64.2) with SSN4SL64(P1L1-2D2,LC) Board

How to distinguish the two Huawei optix boards

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Joshua Koo

SSN4SL64(P1L1-2D2,LC), also named as SSN4SL6403, 1xSTM-64 Optical Interface Board(P1L1-2D2,LC) is a available in the following functional versions:N4, N3, N2 and N1.


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The paradox of secured access to data that matters

Balancing the security posture for your enterprise

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HP Blogger

Recently, I encrypted my device based upon a recommended precautionary procedure.  However, I later learned that this was only meant for a select set of devices.  Of course, my device was not one of them!

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Application development – when it’s time to “GO Cloud”

Software experts and business analysts estimate that approximately 85% of IT budgets go to maintaining, updating and fixing business applications, and only 15% of their resources are dedicated to creating new applications that drive business value. So if you need a new mobile application built quickly to support a sales requirement, you’d better get in line and hope for the best, or better yet, “GO Cloud”!

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Before examining the benefits of cloud-based application development, it’s important to understand the core features needed in a strong application development and delivery platform. And by that I mean platforms that can be used to build applications ranging from internally focused web and mobile-based portals for human resources to powerful, customized business-critical apps that represent corporate systems of record.

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SaaS Life Cycle Management for Multi Tenant Applications

TechCello offers an end to end SaaS Life Cycle Management Solution, which can be used as a SaaS Development Framework to design, develop and manage the operations of your SaaS product. TechCello is a tested and proven SaaS Multi Tenant Framework built exclusively to meet the typical SaaS needs of your business and product.

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Techcello offers a wide range of SaaS building blocks that can help in building and managing SaaS multi tenant applications. Techcello’s framework is designed with multi-tenant best practices and can work in a plug and play model so that integration can be extremely simple. ISVs get the flexibility to determine which modules to consume. Our plug and play architecture allows even existing products (SaaS or non-SaaS) to leverage Cello modules.

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How Internet of Things (IOT) is Reshaping the World

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After social media, it’s time for internet of things which helps devices to connect to each other virtually. Difference between both is that in social media people are getting connected and in internet of things devices will be connected. Gartner list internet of things (IOT) is one of the top ten strategic technology trends in 2014. Business Insider estimates that nine billion devices will soon be connected to the internet. IOT is reshaping the world in following ways.