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Drop In Page Rankings?

Consult an SEO Consultant Specialist for Timely Recovery

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There are many a time when site owners and SEOs face the problem of the rankings of their site suddenly going down for no specific reason. Whether it is the owner of a website or their SEO consultancy enterprise, someone requires in being cautious when it comes to content as well as what is posted on websites, blogs and articles to prevent a drop in page ranking.

7 viable reasons that are likely to crush page rankings

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IT Architecture Direction – Useful tool to translate vision to reality

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One of the proven tools to translate vision and strategy into reality is depiction. Translating abstract ideas into simple visuals that can be handed over and displayed in any cube and office are very helpful for understanding and adoption of the vision when your teams are creating the new reality.

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Risk, Cost and Technical Gaps Threaten Cloud Growth

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This contributed post was co-authored by Mark Reyes, Business Analyst, RiverMeadow Software

The business of the cloud is booming, which is evident by aggressive year-over-year growth forecasts for cloud - estimated in the range of 18-35% growth with market projections of more than $100 billion.

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Internet of Things Clouding up Existing Infrastructure

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Chris Patterson

More than a decade ago, I attended a Sun Microsystems conference and remember former Chairman/CEO Scott McNealy talking about a future where a light bulb would know when it was about to die and automatically place an order for a replacement. McNealy's vision was as prescient as always (does anyone now doubt "The Network is the Computer?”), and we are slowly being surrounded by thermostats, refrigerators and bathroom scales that send data to and from the Internet.

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How do CIOs foster IT as a service?

Come #CIOchat 2-3 p.m. ET Thursday.

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We've long talked about IT as a service and the deepening role of the CIO as service broker. This week in our #CIOchat where we regularly get 4-6 CIOs, we'll be discussing this well-worn topic. The chat is 2-3 p.m. ET on Thursday, hashtag #CIOchat .

A spate of ECF service broker posts were published in 2012 when debate raged about the CIO becoming obsolete in the enterprise. The notion that the end was near for CIOs seems to have subsided a bit as many have adapted and embraced forward looking technology services such cloud computing.    

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Cloud Computing is changing application release operations

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The use of cloud computing for custom-built, mission-critical enterprise applications is just beginning, but both the technology and mind-set are already influencing enterprise application architectures and delivery.

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The Rise of the Cross Platform App Development Market [INFOGRAPHIC]

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The number of smartphone users around the world has already crossed 1.75 Billion users in 2014.  This growth is very well reflected on the mobile phone industry as well with new smartphones been manufactured across different platforms on almost a daily basis. To reach this ever-growing market of new smartphone users across different platforms, launching a cross platform app is fast becoming a popular choice among mobile app developers.

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3D Digital Sand Model: Empowers Border Security Management System

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Security is the major concern for any country be it within the border or outside. Any country’s strength is defined by its security system. Country which uses high technology in their security systems is considered powerful. Now everything is changing rapidly due to innovation in technology. Technology is affecting every aspect of our life.

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For Visually Appealing Enterprise Software, Focus on “Design Thinking”

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As sites like Vine, Flickr, Pinterest and Instagram continue to grow rapidly in the web marketing space, it’s clear that the “visual web” is define the way we experience the internet. Most technologies—particularly those in the consumer space—have adjusted to conform to that trend. Whenever you hear a new gadget referred to as “sexy” or a new user interface described as “eye candy,” it’s evident that images can strongly shape our desires for new tech products.