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According to survey conducted by GigaOM Company and CloudBees in 2013, with advancements in cloud technology, more than 45% of today’s business organizations and professionals use cloud computing technology in their work place or home. Cloud technology offers various benefits such as security enhancement, scalability of resources, dynamic performance and vibrant provisioning.

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Can CIOs avoid hiring mistakes?

The answer is no, but here are several things that can improve your success rate.

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If you have been in management very long I’ll bet you have a story. The story will likely begin with interviewing and hiring a promising person who seemed perfect for the job opening in your department.  It ends with you scratching your head and wondering where you went wrong.

Most of us have made hiring mistakes.  Hire enough people and some will turn out to be duds.  Here are a couple of my stories.


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Compromising Quality Compromises Customers

The Importance of Quality Management Systems in Business

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In the market today, there are so many options available in the market that product needs to be of a high and consistent quality to satisfy consumers. You can bank on the fact that if your product is not up to par, it is all too easy for a customer to leave to a competitor. A lack of product quality also puts the rest of your company in a tough position. Not only will product defects lead to higher warranty and repair costs, but they will also lead to angry customers, overwhelmed service reps and, inevitably, customer attrition.

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Open Source ERP & CRM Solutions

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ACGIL integrates all the functionalities of a business in a single system such as sales, accounting, operations with inventory control, customer management, distribution and manufacturing.

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Chinese food & IT: homemade or takeaway…or both?

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Fil Zanasi

I love Chinese food. Who doesn’t? And we’re lucky because we’ve got all the options in and around our village. We have a lovely, elegant restaurant in a grade II listed building. We have a nice “eat as much as you like” Chinese buffet restaurant. We have a great takeaway that will also deliver. Which do I prefer? It depends on my requirements.

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Standardization is a fertile ground for automation pan enterprise

Why automated efficiency is music to the ears of many organizations

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I’m at a classical music concert. The Concert Master tunes the orchestra before the performance by playing a single note on their violin. This pitch sets the standard for the performance as various pieces are played to holistically produce sounds which – when orchestrated right – are music to my ears. Enterprises must have standards too when it comes to their business processes, services and enabling tools. Projects and initiatives must be cognizant of these standards while adopting them pan-enterprise.

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360-degree view of the customer’ – what you need to know about it?

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C-level executives of middle market and enterprise level organizations, business strategists and corporate consultants - over 60 percent of this community has reportedly participated in discussions contemplating 360-degree customer view (as surveyed by IDC).

In spite of this term dominating the industry for several years, allegedly many businesses till now hold a vague understanding of this concept. Result – enterprises have not yet embraced it to their advantage.

Explaining 360-degree customer view

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Enterprise Mobile Messaging Wars: Four Battle-Tested Reasons Why SMS Will Prevail

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The mobile industry is inundated with mobile messaging apps, with many influencers declaring a Mobile Messaging War as enterprises look to leverage the mobile channel to improve internal operations and enhance both internal and external communication. While some are getting lost in the app frenzy, Global 2000 enterprises are already leveraging SMS messaging as a cost-effective, reliable and proven solution to meet these goals.

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Five Things Big Data Isn't

Understanding Big Data in the Negative

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A few months ago, I wrote a blog about defining cloud computing.  Although I didn’t get any death threats, there was a bit of consternation associated with how I delineated the somewhat ubiquitous and pervasive industry buzzword.  People were unhappy.  But whatever; I put a stake in the ground and I’m okay with that. 

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What's the best way to organize IT?

Our Twitter chat reveals many insights. #CIOchat

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How do CIOs balance the pressure to contain costs against all the things we preach they must do: get to know the customer, provide apps and cloud services with lightening speed, securely enable the mobile workforce, forge C suite relationships and exploit Big Data to name a few.

It's a dizzying number of tasks often in conflict with each other. Yes, everyone wants to go mobile, but isn't that inherently a threat to security. Maybe the CIO should be the Chief Contradiction Officer.