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Converged infrastructure a hot topic for CIOs

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Our weekly Twitter chat yesterday zeroed in defining converged infrastructure (CI) and the rationale behind it. CI is a hot topic for CIOs and is being driven by the search for efficiencies and better productivity in the context of cloud, Big Data and mobile.

First the numbers for yesterday's chat: 32 participants and 230 Tweets (at least three were CIOs).

Our questions were: what is CI?; how big a priority is it for 2014? and what is hyper-CI?

Use the hashtag #CIOchat to view the full stream of 230 Tweets between 2-3 p.m. EDT Thursday. We'll be back next week.

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Customized Hospital Management System

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A Hospital Management System fulfills the clinical, financial and administrative requirements, giving a centralized accessibility of each department in the hospital.

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Why Agile Development in Government

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Bryant Young

When I came into government from the private sector, it was apparent that long-running waterfall projects were a challenge.  They are a challenge in the private industry as well, but even more so in government when you take into account leadership changes, shifting political priorities, and all of the different constituents that use your applications.

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The Confidence Gap: Is Your Data Quality Suspect?

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How many times have you felt a nagging sensation when making important business decisions – be it market planning or placing inventory orders – that your data does not feel quite right?

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Why Enterprise Architects Need to Think About Data First?

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HP Blogger

Enterprise Architects (EAs) are increasingly being asked to think 3-5 years out.  This means that they need to take an even more active part in the strategy process, and to help drive business transformation.  A CIO that we talked to recently said;

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Moving to the Cloud: Lessons from Jason Segel & Cameron Diaz

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As you probably know, Jason Segal and Cameron Diaz recently came out with a new movie called “Sex Tape.” In the movie, Segel and Diaz play a couple who decide to make an adult home movie, and it accidently gets released online.

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Driving School in Toronto Prepares You for Challenges on the Road

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If you have bought a car recently or have been gifted one by your loved one, you need to learn how to drive. Now this is where you need to make a very important decision on where to learn driving from. There are many friends and family members who might volunteer on teaching you this skill. However you have to keep in mind that it is a very important skill and concerns your safety and those of your co-occupants. Joining a professional driving school in Toronto would be the perfect choice in this regard.

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Innovating Disruption

Breaking the Marketplace to Win

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I’ve always been a big fan of visionaries.  The top of my list is Albert Einstein, unarguably the greatest mind of the 20th century.  I’m also a huge fan of Elon Musk, Nicolai Tesla, Galileo, Louis Pasteur, those crazy fools over at DARPA, and the entire Google[x] team; brilliant scientists and inventors that believed that dreams were the stuff of innovation.  They turned the world upside down with their theories, their mathematics, their world-advancing inventions, many times in spite of mockery, disdain, and even threats to their lives and means of income.

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Fail Fast

Visualization is key to successful innovation.

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Wouldn’t you want to know, before writing a single line of code, whether or not your app will be something people actually want to use?

Especially considering the challenges facing CIOs today. The demands on the CIO have evolved over the past two years from “give me ROI” to “get these apps out faster” to “give my users a better experience.”

To be relevant, the CIO needs to have a dynamic, fast-moving IT organization that can build apps that either save the company money or create a competitive advantage in an industry.

The only way to do that is to fail fast.