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Enterprises turn to Big Data to safeguard their brands, boost customer confidence

More accurate operational, supply chain, and marketplace insights bolster your bottom line

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Gary Moloney

At the summit of Big Data analytics lies a truly holistic view of your products. Enterprises that can see how their products are performing in both the supply chain and in the marketplace can get a more realistic sense of performance while protecting brand integrity. To achieve this, supply chain and operations must be able to measure against performance goals and gain a level of visibility into supply chain integrity that ensures counterfeit goods aren’t being sold on the black market or funneled into gray markets.

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How to Put Smart Advertising on Smartwatches

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Media hype about the pending release of the Apple Watch has created a new conundrum for advertisers – namely, how to advertise effectively on the miniature face of a smartwatch. This is no simple challenge.

A smartwatch is a highly personal device that gets displayed on one’s wrist throughout the day. This is critical because the Apple Watch is worn on a consumer’s body, not carried in a pocket or purse. Therefore, it will require a more personalized approach to advertising.

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The most common reasons that prevent IT to reach full potential – 1st: Do you know your process?

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In this series of posts I’m going to share with you what are the most common reasons (from my point of view) that prevent IT departments in most companies to reach their full potential and to become an integral part of the company’s value chain. I’m also going to do it in a way that it will be helpful for others (at least I believe so) and to explain non IT managers those reasons.

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Living IT in the modern digital economy

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I recently had a discussion with Chris Keene from BMC.  Chris is president of the Data Center Automation and Cloud Management product line.  We shared common thoughts around the challenges enterprise businesses have with compliance and managing infrastructure.

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How the Internet of Things can improve IT’s automation efforts

Big Data can ease the burden of discovering, managing configurations

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My previous post explored how taking a big-picture approach to automation can eliminate waste and drive value. Likewise, discovering and managing your configurations more effectively can save your IT organization time and money.

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2 things IT must do to take advantage of SaaS

IT must be a savvy customer as the enterprise consumes software in new ways

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Michael Garrett

Software consumption models are changing. And as choice proliferates, enterprise IT needs to become a savvy consumer of these different models. Software as a service (SaaS), on-premise, or managed service—each has its pros and cons.

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Touching down on Transformation one application at a time

Applications Transformation can be a competitive sport like football

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HP Blogger

Denver Broncos’ quarterback, Peyton Manning threw his record-breaking 509th touchdown against the San Francisco 49ers.  A moment of glory for Manning who would have thrown many more times out of which there were 509 glorious touchdowns.  Applications Transformation principles are not very different.  While business objectives drive the strategy and roadmap to get to that future state, enterprise transformation happens one application at a time – or in Manning’s words, one throw at a time.  I am no quarterback but would like to think like one by applying simila

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Decreasing Data Breach Risks: 10 Steps For Success

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According to the Global State of Information Security 2015, data breaches cost companies an average of $2.7 million each year. What's more, the total number of IT security incidents rose by almost 50 percent in 2014, while security budgets slipped. With attack numbers on the rise, budgets in decline and recovery costs skyrocketing, companies need ways to decrease risk rather than clean up the mess. Here are 10 essential steps.

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Big Data critical to remaining competitive

We chat about analytics and Big Data 2-3 p.m. ET Thursday.

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Community Manager

Is Big Data catching on or does confusion and entropy remain its biggest challenges? Could it be both in that companies recognize the "urgency" to fully exploit analytics and Big Data, but have yet to get their acts together.

That will be our #CIOchat question this week: Is Big Data catching on or is it moving too slow? We chat 2-3 pm ET Thursday, hashtag #CIOchat .

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Best Salesforce Training in Chennai

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The introduction cloud technology changed the business process into virtual world. Cloud is perfect acronym for internet. In this system, the data and information are stored in online. You can access the data from anywhere and across platform with internet connection. Cloud computing is most lucrative career field in IT industry. Cloud computing training in Chennai offer hands-on training and help you to be an aspiring professional in cloud technology.