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Basic setup of a new cloud server with Ubuntu 12.04 LTS

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There three important steps to do before using your new cloud server. 1. Create a new user. 2. Add root privileges to the new user. 3. Create a secure SSH Access. Read more on how to setup a new server on largest community

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Enterprise Cloud Hosting Made for Developers, Brands, Publishers and Enterprises

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Ebola Data, Machine-Readable at Last

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This is not exactly a Big Data project, but it's a very important data project. Case tracking data is becoming a bigger priority in the battle against Ebola. Indeed, it has been difficult given the undeveloped countries where the battle is being fought, according to a Sept. 8 an InformationWeek story.

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Web 3.0 (A semantic perspective)

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The goal of this introduction is to explain internet trends (web 3.0) from the point of view of Feng Qiao Software and give an overview of web 3.0. Perspective is a new concept created and introduced by Feng Qiao Software to design web 3.0.

Which Cisco 3560X switch worth to have?

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