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What emerging technologies are most important?

#CIOchat wants you!

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Our Twitter chat this Thursday asks what emerging technologies you think are the most important. And which ones will be a bust?

Our chat is 2-3 p.m. EDT on Thursday. If you want to elaborate beyond the 140 character Twitter limit, our CIO Question poses the same question. 

So far, analytics and Big Data are coming up as the most important technology. Internet of Things seems to draw the most skepticism.

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The Risks From Big Data and How to Minimize Them

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Big data is no longer a closely held secret in the business world. It doesn’t matter what the company is or how they go about their business, you can make a reasonable guess that they’re using, or at least looking into, big data as a way to increase revenue and instill more customer loyalty. According to Gartner, about two-thirds of all organizations have invested in big data or have plans to do so in the near future.

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Questions IT executives keep asking about Converged Infrastructure—IDC Connection reports.

What is converged infrastructure, why do I need it, and what should I look for?

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Duncan Campbell

In a blog I posted last week - The 12 questions Gartner says to ask about converged infrastructure - I shared how HP called upon the Gartner Group to help enterprise IT professionals sort through the infrastructure convergence confusion and provided insights about questions you should ask your technology vendor.

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Cisco 2921 vs Cisco 2911

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What's the difference between Cisco 2921 router with Cisco 2911 router ?

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How to recover after a cloud computing misstep

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Computerworld's feature about cloud missteps gives inplementers a good look into the unforseen pitfalls one can encounter in deploying clouds. Dreamworks CTO Lincoln recounts two significant downsides in deploying Google apps.

One is the customer is not in control of the user experience. When Google wants to roll out new features, everyone gets them "ready or not." The other is when there are several cloud suppliers, the customer is "hindered" setting up apps workflows across the many environments. While Wallen cites many benefits, these are two serious downsides.

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How the next generation of SaaS providers are getting things right

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SaaS, or software as a service, is all the buzz lately. Who can forget the nirvana like promises of no more upgrades, no more equipment, all for a low monthly fee. On top of that, SaaS provider pitches include how much they have raised, how fast they are growing, and how amazing their product is. Lost in the discussion are the real world challenges CIO's are facing.

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Facts About Link Building in 2014

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The world of link building has changed completely over the last few years. Link building was one of the easy methods to gain higher ranking.

Creativity is your competitive advantage

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