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Feds hope cloud will improve IT

Federal government expects to spend an estimated $20 billion of its annual IT budget to move agencies to cloud computing in bid to improve efficiency

Blog-post by Charles Cooper, Thu, 02/12/2015 - 03:50

Six years after federal IT managers began using cloud platforms, a status report issued by the Congressional Research Service points to a sharp increase in the number of agencies making the migration to the cloud.

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Analytics as Business Strategy

Blog-post by Myles Suer, Wed, 02/11/2015 - 20:19

As I have been reading books and posts recently regarding analytics, I have noticed one thing from just about everyone including myself that has published on the topic. We assume that the reader has a working knowledge of business strategy and its implications to analytics. Given this, I have decided to remedy this within this post.

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Fitting into the Cloud, Hybrid Style

Eight questions to ask.

Blog-post by Gene De Libero, Wed, 02/11/2015 - 02:45

Hybrid cloud is a good choice for most enterprises, but choosing the right fit for your particular organization is paramount to a successful launch.

First, assess your current infrastructure by asking specific questions of where you stand right now. These include:

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CIO Leadership, IT Performance

Changing the Environment to Change a System: Games for Your Management Practice

Blog-post by Natty Gur, Tue, 02/10/2015 - 21:54

After reading Jurgen Appelo‘s Management 3.0 #Workout (an excellent book, by the way), I started to use the suggested games with my management team to discuss, learn, and agree on the right management practices for our group. I really liked the concept of using games to demonstrate a point or to start a discussion, so I started to think about other games that I could use.


CIO Leadership, Security

Can any system truly be secure?

Blog-post by Joel Shore, Tue, 02/10/2015 - 18:39

You can never prove a scientific hypothesis to be true. Can’t be done. The best you can do is support it with your tests and experiments. More experiments lead to stronger support of the hypothesis. But, you can’t ever prove it to be true, because, even if you’ve run a million experiments that support a hypothesis, it might be the very next one – the one you didn’t think of – that proves it to be false. It takes only one instance to prove a hypothesis false. IT security is a lot like that.

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CIO's spend less than half their time on IT

New Gartner survey says relationship building with customers, LOB heads and customers a bigger priority.

Blog-post by John Dodge,
Community Manager
, Tue, 02/10/2015 - 16:12

A sentence I read about how CIOs spend less than half their time on IT struck me as significant. From a Gartner press release today about its 2015 global survey of CIOs.

"In 2015, leading CIOs will spend less than 40 percent of their time running the IT organization, choosing instead to spend time with other CxOs (27 percent of their time), business unit leaders (18 percent of their time) and external customers (16 percent of their time)."

CIO Leadership, Applications

Is innovation under the CIO worth funding?

#CIOchat this week explores why IT innovation under aegis of the CIO is so anemically funded.

Blog-post by John Dodge,
Community Manager
, Mon, 02/09/2015 - 16:59

The post started out asking why doesn't the CIO enjoy a bigger innovation budget? The question implies that it should, but in researching the issue, now I am not so sure. Budgets rise to their own level, right?

The question in the headline almost answers itself. If CIO innovation was worth it, it would get an ample budget. 


Technology, IT Infrastructure

Office sized Data Centers

Heterogeneous computing may be an easy first step

Blog-post by Jeffrey Lush,
HP Blogger
, Fri, 02/06/2015 - 22:02
When I started working at the US Department of Veterans Affairs our servers were DEC VAX servers.
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CIOs on question of control over IT

Gravitas is a must. Control is a myth.

Blog-post by John Dodge,
Community Manager
, Fri, 02/06/2015 - 20:20

I knew asking if CIOs have lost control of IT would make for a lively #CIOchat and the 41 participants were not disappointed. They cranked out 341 Tweets during our #CIOchat hour.

So what do CIOs think about this? Well, I'll let them tell you right here. All the Tweets to the four questions (in bold bearing the logo of my beloved world champion New England Patriots) featured in this post save one are from four CIOs who joined yesterday's #CIOchat . There's plenty more CIO Tweets, which you can see at #CIOchat between 2-3 p.m. ET yesterday.

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Hybrid clouds earning trust in the enterprise

Blog-post by Chris Nerney, Fri, 02/06/2015 - 18:11
Chris Nerney

Enterprises are becoming increasingly comfortable deploying critical business applications and processes to hybrid clouds.

It’s a welcome shift in attitudes about the inherent security of hybrid cloud environments. It also indicates that enterprises are beginning to understand and leverage the flexibility that hybrid clouds offer in terms of scalability, workload management and resource allocation.

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