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Why the U.S. Needs More Cyber Security Professionals

Detailing the increase in cyber threats and attacks

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Part of being is CIO is overseeing information security measures. With the rise of cybercriminals and the importance of keeping trade secrets and consumer information secure, demand for cyber security professionals is higher than ever. This infographic from Norwich University's Online Information Assurance program details the rising demand for information security professionals in the United States. 


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Is your enterprise is too immature for IT transformation?

Ask these 5 questions to see if there’s a gap between your aspirations and your capabilities

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After years of working with customers on their IT transformation plans, I’ve found that a number of organisations need to hear some hard truths about their aspirations before mapping their journey.

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What’s the deal with Shadow IT?

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Shadow IT is a term that describes IT systems and solutions built and used inside organizations without IT approval. A group of people choosing to use a spreadsheet that they email back and forth instead of a company-approved means of storing and sharing crucial information, employees using DropBox to share notes and files, a developer who builds an unsanctioned custom piece of software to simplify or automate a repetitive task — all these are examples of shadow IT.

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5 Major Reasons to Address Windows Server 2003 End-of-Life Now

Cost, Risk, Security, Strategy and Timing are Key

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Extended support for Windows Server 2003 will no longer be available after July 14, 2015. It’s already out of mainstream support, meaning that contracted support isn’t available now. Any support needed, even for a per-call incident, won’t be available after July. You’re on your own. Any outage will be yours to manage. You have two choices: deal with it now, or kick the can down the road.

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Azure Will Kill the Traditional Datacenter

Three Observations

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Last week I attended a specialized training/go-to-market program in Seattle hosted by Microsoft’s Azure team.  It was a week full of clam chowder, excellent crab cakes, ridiculous discounts at the Microsoft store, and technical training on Azure, Microsoft’s massive and fully loaded penetration point into the world of cloud computing.  Although late to the game (a troubling problem characteristic of this company), Microsoft has invested hundreds of millions of dollars

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Reference Architecture, Converged, & Hyper-Converged Infrastructure: A Pizza Analogy

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This morning, our CTO Chris Ward delivered an internal training that did a great job breaking down reference architecture, converged infrastructure, and hyper-converged infrastructure. To get his point across, Chris used the analogy of eating a pizza. He also discussed the major players and when it makes sense for organizations to use each. Below is a recap of what Chris covered in the training.

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An automated, orchestrated data center leverages the power of Big Data

Unclog IT bottlenecks so you can turn ideas into features faster

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Big Data has altered the way businesses makes decisions and compete in the marketplace. Today, companies need to turn on a dime and make decisions as fast as customers can react to the products and services that businesses are offering. Companies need to develop multiple iterations, discover what works, and leave the less successful offers behind.

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Tuesday's elections roil CIO job security

State CIOs suffer from short tenure anyway.

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You'd think state CIOs who create more efficient, cost effective and citizen friendly IT would be immune from politics. A CIO who's successfully moved creaky state systems to the cloud would  be golden, right?

Think again. After all, politics are politics and state CIOs serve at the pleasure of governors. Ten new ones were elected Tuesday and there there were 36 gubernatorial races nationally. Many were tight including the one in my state (Massachusets) were very tight. 

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Amazon Web Services and Techcello Joint Webinar

Webinar Series- Migrating Single Tenant SaaS Apps To Multi-Tenant Model

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Single tenant and Multi tenant model are both widely adopted models of deployment in SaaS. While there are pros and cons for both the approaches every ISVs wants to ultimately move to a multi-tenant model for better profitability. In this webinar we will analyse the challenges in moving to a multi-tenant model with the solution for overcoming the challenges and best practices for achieving the same.

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Techcello Participates in AWS re:Invent 2014

Techcello, a pioneer in Cloud/SaaS development Tools and Frameworks is all set to participate in the Amazon re:Invent conference planned to held in Las Vegas, NV between Nov 11-14.

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DURHAM, N.C. -- Techcello, a pioneer in Cloud/SaaS development Tools and Frameworks is all set to participate in the Amazon re:Invent conference planned to held in Las Vegas, NV between Nov 11-14th