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Cloud computing for media and entertainment industry

How cloud computing industry is beneficial for media and entertainment industry?

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Richa Pokhriyal

Cloud computing for Media and Entertainment industry. Aricle covers:


How media and entertainment industry benefits from SaaS?

How media and entertainment industry benefits from IaaS?

How media and entertainment industry benefits from PaaS?

Cloud deployment for media and  entertainment industry


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Does Big Data Start or End (up) in the Boardroom?

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Just a week ago, I was interviewed by Ian Murphy in a podcast for Data Informed. The topic was: How Big Data Projects Can Start in the Boardroom.  Ian was excellent in driving pointed questions and I believe this resulted in a spirited discussion. Check it out and let me know what you think!


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If your servers could tweet, what would they say?

"So, can we get servers to blog, storage to tweet, and applications to post?"

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HP SVP Antonio Neri blogs about how HP is working to make machines more social, thereby creating a kind of “social network” for both machines and people.

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A road less travelled: Adapt so you continue to add value!

One organization’s cloud journey

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Recently, I have been writing about where IT is going as a business function. I got a lot of responses to my last post on the topic, “Announcing the death of traditional ERP, shared services, and the owned datacenter,” and I have continued to keep my eye on the market and current trends.

Last week, I met with an architect at a major financial organization. He said that his company is going through major changes as its business and IT strategies have converged.

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Data driven companies will win

Big data practitioners will prevail over "highest paid opinions." Turn HIPPOs into geeks.

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One the strongest messages to come out of the MIT CIO Symposium this year was that data driven companies like Google and Amazon will be profit leaders.

Conversely, companies ruled by HIPPOs (highest paid person's opinions) will lag behind. Indeed, the panelists cast big data as the next big (and disruptive) "management revolution." 

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Cloud: where do you start?

Five cloud use cases and key questions CIOs must answer

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HP Blogger

As you probably know by now, I have the opportunity to talk to many CIOs about cloud and how to take some of their activities to the cloud. As long as we discuss options, concepts, offerings etc. the discussion is animated. But at one moment, THE question pops up. How can we go after this? How do we start?

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Dealing With Cloud Data Vulnerability

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One of the biggest hindrance in way of embracing cloud is data security. In cloud the data is stored in a shared resource pool where the infrastructure is made available to all the users indiscriminately. Since the data is hosted in a virtualized space outside the physical in-house data server it becomes vulnerable to violation if not properly monitored and secured. When cloud offers distinct advantages over traditional in-house IT model it has its share of disadvantages too.

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Routine Technology Problems Drive Huge Losses in Productivity for Employees, Companies and Countries

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New global survey on “IT Friction” reflects a negative annual impact exceeding $100 billion for Fortune 100 companies alone, potentially trillions in global Gross Domestic Product (GDP). The cost of routine IT issues experienced by workers and businesses is negatively impacting employee and company productivity.

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Top five live Tweets from the MIT CIO Symposium

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Community Manager

My live tweets ended up being my notes at this conference. Here's five of my favorites. Click here for the live tweets post on innovation from the MIT CIO Symposium and here for HP Fellow Charlie Bess' overview post from the conference.  

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The power of mobility ... now for desktops

Mobility is more about experiences than devices and there’s no reason that desktops, the productivity powerhouses of many organizations, should be left out.

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Mobile devices, and perhaps even more importantly, user expectations around mobility are profoundly changing the role of IT in the enterprise. Today’s users are increasingly demanding instant access to the people, applications, and data they need to make them productive either professionally or personally. Their expectations have been shaped by consumer services that in an increasing number of cases enable them to bypass IT, challenging its role as sole provider of IT services.