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Top five priorities for the CIO in 2015

Here's mine: Tell me yours here or in the #CIOchat Thursday, 2-3 p.m. ET.

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What are the top five priorities for the CIO in the new year? That's our #CIOchat question for Thursday, 2-3 p.m. ET. 

I'll a stab at them and would love to hear back from CIOs. You can also respond at length in our new CIO Question. My five purposely avoided technologies except security because at this high level, they are obvious: cloud, Big Data, mobile, data centers etc.

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CIO Leadership, Cloud, Mobility, Security

John Dodge asks:

What are the top five priorities for CIOs in 2015?

CIO Questions by John Dodge,
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, Tue, 12/16/2014 - 15:11

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2015 CIO and CISO Priorities: Cybersecurity, the Cloud and IT Budget

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What are some of the top concerns of Chief Information Officers (CIOs) and Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) today? According to a 2014 TechAmerica Federal CIO and CISO Survey – it’s improving cyber security. As new threats increase, risk management involves both educating users about security risks such as phishing attempts as well as building up network protection with continuous monitoring.


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Security in 2015: The Enterprise Begins to Favor Integrated Cloud Services vs. On-Premise Point Solutions

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Today’s Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) is faced with an over-load of point products (NAC, IDS, IPS, Endpoint Security, Web Gateway, Next Generation Firewall and APT to name just a few) provided by a plethora of vendors. These products are typically deployed in some on-premise configuration and tend to be difficult, if not impossible, to integrate together – resulting in severe visibility limitations across the organization’s security posture.

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The Forrester Wave™: Private Cloud Solutions

In its 61-criteria evaluation of private cloud solution vendors, Forrester identified the 10 most significant software providers — ASG Software Solutions, BMC Software, CA Technologies, Cisco Systems, Citrix Systems, Eucalyptus Systems, HP, IBM, Microsoft, and VMware — in the category and researched, analyzed, and scored them. This report details Forrester’s findings about how well each vendor fulfills the readth and depth of its criteria and where each stands out to help infrastructure and operations (I&O) professionals select the most full-featured private cloud solution.

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Ovum Decision Matrix: Selecting a Virtualization and Cloud Management Solution, 2013–14

The role and purpose of IT in an organization is undergoing significant change, driven by the need for businesses to become more agile and have greater control over cost levers when using technology. This transformation of IT involves many different aspects, not all of which are technology-related, but the one thing they all share is that IT modernization is about making changes to meet the current and future demands of business.

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OpenStack® Technology Breaking the Enterprise Barrier

This e-book introduces HP’s views on the future of data center models, cloud computing, and OpenStack technology, and to introduce HP's foundational platform, which is based on OpenStack software and provides a common architecture for hybrid delivery across the HP Helion portfolio. This is the story of HP's cloud journey, an explanation of the choices HP has made, and an invitation to join HP on that journey into the future. You'll learn why HP chose OpenStack technology, and how the company will support its clients on their own cloud computing journey.

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Five myths of cloud computing

Once you sift through the hype and buzz surrounding cloud computing, it becomes clear that the cloud offers real, tangible benefits. Embracing cloud where it makes sense for your business can accelerate your time to revenue and reduce your costs. But embracing cloud means cutting through the hype to find real solutions.

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Cloud computing: what and where the jobs are

U.S. lags China in cloud jobs.

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China has taken over the cloud jobs market. Well maybe not, but it's strongly suggested in a Forbes post entitled "Where cloud computing jobs will be in 2015."

Writes author Louis Columbus:

"Globally there are 18,239,258 cloud computing jobs, with the majority being in China (40.8%)." 

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