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The Best Defense for Open Source Security: Offense

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It doesn’t take much more than a glance at the news to learn that cyber attacks have advanced far beyond the phishing and linkbait methods of years past. As enterprise technologies have progressed in their capabilities and complexities, so have today’s attackers. They always seem to be one step ahead of organizations. The more interconnected technology becomes, the more vulnerable it is to attacks.

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How IT can achieve the managed state of application health monitoring

Follow these 3 steps to get visibility across business units

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Gerben Verstraete

The business wants two things from IT: agility and reassurance. They want to know that systems are working, IT is ready for spikes in capacity, and crucial applications are always performing as expected. To prove its worth to the business, IT must be able to demonstrate that applications are in good health.

Many IT shops, however, struggle to achieve such a high level of visibility. An IT organization that’s busy keeping the lights on can’t spare a team of people to focus solely on application health; yet not developing that level of insight has consequences.

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Cloud will be dominant by 2020

So sayeth the #CIOchat Twitter chat.

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There used to be a saying that no one ever got fired for buying IBM. Six year hence, that same saying might be applied to the cloud. No ever ever got fired for buying the cloud. More to the point, someone will get fired for NOT buying the cloud.

That was the consensus of our Twitter chat last Thursday asking where will the cloud be by 2020?

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Better Or Worse: The Enterprise Cloud, Uncovered

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Once a haven of early adopters and mavericks, public clouds are now a viable enterprise platform; according to research firm Gartner, the market will reach $180 billion by 2015. Combined with established private cloud services and growing hybrid deployments, the future looks bright for enterprise cloud computing.

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IT is all about data!

4 areas to make sure your data up to snuff

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Is this how you think about IT? Or do you think of IT in terms of the technology it deploys instead? I recently was interviewing a CIO at Fortune 50 Company about the changing role of CIOs. When I asked him about which technology issues were most important, this CIO said something that surprised me. He said, “IT is all about data. Think about it. What we do in IT is all about the intake of data, the processing of data, the store of data, and the analyzing of data. And we need, from data, to increasingly provide the intelligence to make better decisions”. 

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Why the infrastructure teams should not lead cloud charge

Think longer term when migrating to cloud instead of one and done.

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HP Blogger

Infrastructure teams tend to think shorter term and as a consequence are often ill-suited to lead cloud migrations. How do I know? I've had contact with three customers recently where the marching orders were to move quickly and invest as little as possible in the migration. The goal was to reduce costs move by shuttering data centers and manage multiple suppliers.

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What you can learn about Big Data from Facebook

Social Network's CIO shares approach to biz data

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Michael Garrett

Many enterprises are still in the beginning stages of their Big Data journey. It’s tremendously useful, therefore, to look out to what trailblazers are doing with their business data. I was at a conference where I had a chance to hear Facebook CIO Tim Campos speak about how the social network approached Big Data. His insights were so compelling I wanted to share them with readers. 

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Expert Android Training in Chennai

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In recent years, the popularity of Android smartphones had increased tremendously all over the world. This mobile operating system is powered by Google Corporation, which is used in tablet devices and smartphones. This Linux kernel based operating system is highly demanding in this technological era. Then, this mobile operating system had loaded with various upgraded features which offer more usability and entertainment opportunity for smartphone users. As per recent survey on 2013, Android powered devices leads the sales by leaving Apple iPhones behind it.

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Buy Research Papers Online or Get Assignment Writing Service to Write a Custom Paper

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Students are smart. They know how to get things done but when it is a matter of writing research papers, their limitations show up. If you are a student you may think that you have sufficient time at your disposal and will be able to complete your assignment within a week so you plan to start a week before the deadline. Some students may even think of buying research papers online. This saves them the bother of having to think of a unique idea and treat it from a different perspective as is required in research papers.

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The rationale for OpenStack in your cloud strategy.

How OpenStack is following the Linux model.

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HP Blogger

A colleague prompted me to make the case for OpenStack and I think it deserves deep consideration from enterprise CIOs in the midst for forumlating their cloud strategies.