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Cyber security: Attacking from the Inside

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Blog post by HP security strategist Dan Schulte

Attacking from the Inside

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Build Your Career with Asp Dot Net Training

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Microsoft .Net is most popular and widely popular programming languages in software and web development industries. This framework allows developers to create software application based on your preference. Dot net was developed and introduced by Microsoft Corporation in the year 2000. This software suite is loaded with large library, virtual machine and common programming languages that control the execution of programs written on this framework. .Net is the Microsoft vision of providing “Software as a Service”.

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QTP Course in Chennai for Enhanced Career

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Quick Test Professional (QTP) is now called as HP Unified Functional Testing (UFT). It is one of the leading automation tools available in the market to carry out functional and regression testing. This testing tool comes with Graphical User Interface (GUI) that allows you to perform test action using VBScript. This automation tool features array of plugins which allows testing of software applications that building on various programming languages like .NET, Delphi, web applications, etc.

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5 Horrors of Software Development Outsourcing

How to deal with main horrors that beginner outsourcer may have?

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For some people application development outsourcing still seems to be too complicated. They are afraid even to think about such possibility. For such people fear may be stronger than possible benefits of outsourcing.

Lets have a look at five situations that may make inexperienced outsourcer to wake up in horror.

1.Outsourcing provider abandons the project.

Situation: You have found a perfect contractor, you are waiting to receive great result and suddenly you get an email that all provider’s team has quit. You have lost time and got nothing. 


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Ten security mistakes that will get you fired

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A recent Infoworld article explores the ten biggest "colossal security mistakes." See if you can guess what they are.

I'll give you the first one: "Killing critical business functionality." The second is "killing the CEO's access to anything.


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Dropbox Software Glitch

Lost Files May be Restored, but What About Lost Confidence?

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Mr. Murphy (of Murphy’s Law fame) has a way of seeing to it that data is lost when you need it most, and he is apparently undeterred by the Cloud Computing Revolution.

Still reeling from the iCloud breach, the Cloud Computing industry faces another PR hit – lost files due to a software glitch in the popular Dropbox application.

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Public, Private and Hybrid Clouds

The Difference And When It Matters

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A decision maker at an SMB is trying to keep things simple (or at least no more complicated than they have to be). Saving money for outsourced services gets everyone’s attention, and the promise of Cloud Computing undoubtedly gets yours.

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Healthcare Interoperability

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Interoperability refers to the ability to share and manage information between devices and information systems within and across organizational boundaries.

 According Health Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) defines Interoperability as-

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Who has the largest claim on data, analytics?

LOB? CIO? CFO? Who owns them? Come #CIOchat 2-3 p.m. ET Thursday.

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Who owns data and analytics? LOB? CIO? CFO? Probably all of them and sometimes none of them. That is our #CIOchat topic for this Thursday - 2-3 p.m. ET.