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Hospital Management Information System

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It is the comprehensive software solution for hospitals which is especially designed to put the operating healthcare practice information just at fingertips of users in a easy-to-understand way to automate hospital management and lower the functional expenditure.

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ERP Software Solutions for Real Estate Industry

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ERP software solutions for Real Estate business improves managerial competence by integrating the overall respective departments to one main point. Organizes the complex business process of Real Estate business by computerizing major areas and integrating those with the business.

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Twitter chat yields Big Data insights, links to related posts

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Our Twitter chat this week asking whether Big Data is an enterprise survival pre-requisite yielded great insights from a variety of observers. Of course it is: data driven companies have been shown to be the most profitable.

Below are my eight favorite tweets, 2-4 of which speak to specificity, business processes and knowing what you're looking for. 

In a new twist this week, I found Enterprise CIO Forum blog posts related to each of the eight highlighted tweets. Simply click on the bolded text. Number 6 has two links.

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Learning agile development the hard way

Focusing on continual software improvement

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For several months now, I’m involved in a project. The objective, do something we never did before.

Loving innovation, that’s something for me, isn’t it? So, I embarked with very little description and started thinking at how we could build what we were looking for. I have to explain you that my piece is part of a larger project, an expansion of something that has been done a while ago, a new version. 

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Start-up, App and Away!

How Applications Can Help Start-ups and Small Businesses to Achieve Success Without Wasting Valuable Resources

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It’s not easy being small. As anyone who was denied entry as a child to a theme park roller-coaster as a result of a ‘You must be THIS tall to take this ride’ sign can testify, life can seem so much simpler if you are larger and more mature. However, size isn’t everything, and it’s clear that there’s such a thing as being small and perfectly formed, as many new businesses in this country would be keen to attest.

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Truth about Choosing the Right IT support in New York for Your

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More than often, managing IT system comes as an afterthought. People opt for such support either after the computer fails to work or when they lose data. Such approach is damaging both for business and personal growth. To avoid having your IT system crash, you need to find the service of right company. Websites like can give some ideas about what are the services available.

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New Year, New Data Trends

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Big Data, Fast Data, Cloud Data, SaaS Data. These became more than buzzwords -- and for good reason. Organizations are deploying new and different as well as tried and true data technologies to make better business decisions. However, with so many database options out there, selecting the one best suited for specific business requirements can be a real challenge.

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The era of Critical Security Controls (CSC)

SAN 20 CSCs encourage best security practices

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As information technology drives automation, improves service delivery and provides direct, positive impacts to top line revenue, information security takes a percentage of that revenue away due to investments in securing sensitive customer and corporate data – often in the form of expensive technology investments, without the proper process and staff required implement and manage it.

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What's Hot in Electronic Content Management

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The rapid adoption of tablets and smartphones for everyday computing use is dramatically affecting how ECM systems are used and how they must evolve.  Technologies based on installed client software—Java, .NET components, Office software or even Adobe Acrobat— are increasingly marginalized by a call for simplicity in use, but not in capability. In this environment, there are a number of areas that must be evaluated in order for ECM systems to evolve and support the new way in which we are working.

Security Can’t be Ignored

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Preparing the Next Generation of Mainframe Experts

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The mainframe today is as relevant as ever. Ninety percent of Fortune 500 companies depend on a mainframe and nearly 70 percent of all enterprise transactions touch the platform, so it should come as no surprise that this is an in demand skill set.