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A Customer Understanding Story- How HP can help?

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Fil Zanasi

You get a text at work from your Partner asking you to pick up some nappies for your baby daughter on your way home. You have a busy day planned, so order them via Click and Collect on your smartphone to collect on your way home.

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Let’s talk about Mobile Backend as a Service


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Mobile Backend as a Service(MBaaS), also known as “backend as a service” (BaaS), is a model for providing web and mobile app developers with a way to link their applications to backend cloud  storage and APIs exposed by back end applications while also providing features such as user management, push notifications, and integration with social networking services.

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7 crucial questions that get left out of the Software-defined Infrastructure discussion

Commentators and industry players are taking far too narrow a view of SDI.

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The buzz around software-defined and its impact on the data center has really taken off over the last year – everywhere you look there are articles in the press, on the Internet and in blogs about how wonderful the various vendors’ software-defined solutions are, and how they can run your data center at the click of a mouse.

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How Mobile Payment will Impact the Growth of Mobile Commerce This Holiday Season

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The growing consumerism of our society is always a hot topic this time of year. Discussions about whether or not retailers should open on Thanksgiving to the monitoring of 'Christmas Creep' by various blogs and websites can be seen everywhere.    


However what gets lost in the shuffle is the fundamental question involved - what do consumers want?   And based upon their behavior and the already strong start to the holiday retail season- the answer appears to be they want to start shopping. 


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Dreaming your future mode of operations in the cloud

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How can you match up the promise of the cloud with the twin goals of reducing costs and enhancing customer responsiveness? From afar, it seems easy, but reality can be entiurely another matter. Here are a few pointers to help you accomplish your goals as you transition to the environment of the future.    

Start by developing your future target environment

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#CIOchat looks at 2015 IT and tech spending

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After a week off for Thanksgiving, we are resuming our #CIOchat on tomorrow. The topic is technology budgets for 2015. Will they are down or sideways and who holds sway over them?

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New Study Links User Experience to Financial Results

Ensuring applications perform to user expectations should be a top priority at every company.

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A new Tech-Tonics Advisors study links user experience to financial returns.  Companies that take a unified approach to gain better visibility into user experience outperform their peer group in revenue growth, profitability and market valuation.  Our conclusion is that ensuring applications perform to user expectations should be a top priority at every company.

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DCIM - The Golden Nugget of Software-Defined Infrastructure Strategies

the secret sauce to linking facility infrastructures with IT infrastructures

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Barcelona is my favorite European city. I'm delighted to be back here, and am present at the HP DISCOVER event. Wandering around, as one does, I bumped into John Curran, the VP of Product Management, Emerson Network Power. To remind everyone, HP Technology Services entered into a partnership with Emerson as part of HP's Converged Management Consulting Services offer.

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13 Hours To Go Till The Upcoming OFS Webinar : Understanding Your Digital Transformation Agenda:

How Do You Meet Customers' Real-Time Expectations?

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OFS is hosting a Digital Transformation Webinar featuring Forrester Research, Inc. Analyst John C. McCarthy. 
Dec. 4, 2014, 1:00-1:30 PM EST 

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The CIO’s Changing Role for Business Transformation

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Chad Cardenas

For decades, the Chief Information Officer was responsible for solving technology problems and keeping the IT lights on, but lately that job description has evolved into something much more strategic. Now the primary duty of a CIO is using technology to solve critical business problems.

Making this transition will require a completely new mindset.

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