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Protecting Against Critical Infrastructure Attacks

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The Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) was recently the target of three separate breaches. Why is this important? Created by Congress, the NRC regulates commercial nuclear power plants and other uses of nuclear materials, like nuclear medicine. They regulate three major areas, including:

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Now that you can choose how to consume software, how do you decide?

Cost will factor into your decision, but there are other dimensions to consider

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Michael Garrett

If you read the business and technology press, you might have the impression that the world of enterprise software is becoming entirely SaaS-based. But if you dig deeper you’ll find that the story is more complicated. Enterprises are embracing SaaS, certainly, but instead of merely looking to consume software on a subscription basis, what they’re really looking for is choice. We’re certainly seeing this with our HP Software Professional Services customers.

Software that’s not one size fits all

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A big-picture mind-set drives automation value

Want value from automation? Then stop thinking small

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I often talk to HP Software Professional Services customers about their automation projects. Not long ago, a customer was wrestling with how to make a strong business case for automation. The client had plenty of experience with automation, but was unsure what value it brought the company.

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Where will the cloud be by 2020?

That's our #CIOchat question for this week. Join in.

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Our #CIOchat question this week explores where the cloud will in 2020. The question - which is being asked in many quarters - was inspired by a post by ECF blogger Rick Delgado at Tech Cocktail. There's no shortage of hyperbole about how the cloud will transform businesses in the next six short years (technology has a habit of making time go faster than many of us want).

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Top 5 Benefits of Enterprise Application Development for Enterprises

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Business is not only buying and selling things. It’s about building a system which can make our day to day work easy for each concern team which is involved in that business and generate huge profit. Starting a business and taking it to a next level of success are two different things. Many businesses fail at a certain point because it lacks lot of things like appropriate funding, better business process and proper technology implementation etc. Business performance depends on two things; first its output (here it’s related to sales) and second is return on investment (cost to company) .

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Website Designing Training in Chennai

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In this present era, digital marketing is slowly conquering the entire world. We mostly depend on internet for some of other reasons. The internet initially developed for US military wing and researchers later become trending among common public. With the expansion of technology and internet, the world has shrunk into global village. Websites are considered as virtual identity of every business organization. Strong online presence is mandatory for every business organization to stay ahead in the competition.

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Why Librarians Make Excellent CIOs

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While it may seem taboo to posit that librarians make excellent corporate officers, it makes inherent sense that the people tasked with the collection and distribution of information would make effective information officers. While librarians certainly are not a huge force in corporate America, and library science majors are far from mainstream, this educational background can be a tremendous asset to a chief information officer.

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How Big Data is transforming IT into a revenue generator

Opportunities lie in becoming custodians, coordinators of customer data

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I recently wrote a post about the emerging role of the Chief Data Officer (CDO). The CDO’s skill set varies drastically from the CIO, who typically has been concerned with running the data center and enterprise software. Instead, the CDO concentrates on how to incorporate data that resides within the enterprise with data that lives on external, consumer-facing platforms (Facebook, for example) — and how to make money in the process.

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The real way to align IT with the business

Follow these 3 steps to get everyone on the same page

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Michael Garrett

In survey after survey of CIOs you will see alignment with the business as a top CIO priority. Yet achieving this elusive alignment is something IT leaders continue to struggle with. The customers I talk to—heads of global IT departments—are searching for ways to get everyone on the same level of understanding about the problem, the solution and the benefits. Frankly, the complexity of large IT projects—as well as IT’s traditional position at a remove from the business—makes this objective hard to achieve.