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IT stability and business innovation are not enemies

Why Ops shouldn’t resist innovation—nor be made into a scapegoat

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Damon Edwards, co-founder of IT consultancy DTO Solutions, has spent more than a dozen years working on web operations from both the IT and business angles. A major DevOps proponent, he recently posted about “using DevOps to turn IT into a strategic weapon.” Discover Performance asked him how Operations leaders—and IT executives in general—should approach innovation.


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Effective strategies highlighted by Bob Evans to guide the CIO for the upcoming year

The article gives an insight into the strategies that needs to be adopted by the CIO.

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In today’s economy, the role of the Chief Information Officer (CIO) has changed. The leadership

quality compels the modern CIO to focus on operation rather than only on technology. Generally,

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The next era of storage is here.

Part 1: Sharing insights and videos from HP Discover

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As an engineer turned marketer I’m always a fan of data.  Makes me feel scientifical.  With that in mind, I was scanning IDC’s annual The Digital Universe in 2020 study that came out recently and found some nuggets worth sharing as we look out from now till 2020. Consider this:

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The Entrepreneurial CIO Part III

Putting innovation to work

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“Innovation is the next frontier for all CIOs, and now is the time for the CIO to prepare and take action.” - Vinod Baya, Galen Gruman, and Bud Mathaisel

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Cloud Computing Trends of 2012

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This year, the winds of change have blown the cloud to a higher level. Studies predict that cloud computing will be on the rise for some a long period of time and that it will be a major source of revenue and employment globally by 2015. Industry experts also say that ultimately everything will be in the cloud, including migrating all physical hardware, software, platforms, services and processing.


There is no question that cloud computing evolved enormously this year. In 2012, we’ve seen:

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Vendor Management Issues In Era of Cloud Service Providers (SAAS)

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At a recent CIO conference, CIOs shared that vendor management is a focus area with cloud providers (SAAS). IDC research shows worldwide spending on public IT cloud services will be more than $40B in 2012 and will approach $100B in 2016. Over the 2012–2016 forecast period, public IT cloud services will enjoy a CAGR of 26.4%. IDC predicts that in the long haul public cloud will win the war with private clouds. 

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Newton, CT: Where Technology Failed

Our failure to reduce gun violence through technology.

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Technologists play a unique role in our society.  In an odd way, we are responsible for keeping the world running when the poop hits the fan.

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Ask the right questions so your data can fuel innovation

HP Software’s CIO reveals how looking more critically at data could help lead innovation in your IT shop.

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Massive data stores, rich with potential business insights, are worthless if reporting systems can’t unlock them.

“Innovation requires speed, agility, and the ability to react to those emerging trends,” explains Saum Mathur, CIO of HP Software. “Traditional reporting systems are good at giving information about what happened in my business yesterday, but they’re not good at nearly real-time or predictive analytics They can’t really tell me what customers are thinking today or how I can improve my business tomorrow.”

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What to do with your vacant data center..or warehouse

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CIOs, engineers and just about everyone will enjoy this entertaining video. One thing that strikes me besides the oustanding creativity is the enormous space required to pull off this `spontaneous' reaction. The music is 'can't get it out of you head' catchy...enjoy.