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Stolen Credentials Led to Data Breaches at Universities

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Earlier this year, the University of Maryland suffered a data breach of more than 300k students and personnel, prompting an investigation by the Secret Service and resulting in a testimony before Congress by the UMD president. As the Chronicle of Higher Education reported, the total costs of the data breach could easily reach millions of dollars, with expenses spread across five years of credit monitoring, legal and IT forensics firm fees.

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Understanding Your Digital Transformation Agenda: How Do You Meet Customers' Real-Time Expectations?

A true digital strategy, central to business growth today, is much more than just a mobile app strategy, and requires a complete transformation of the business…

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Digital Transformation

Digitally transforming your enterprise requires a whole new way of thinking and operating – not only in the IT department, but throughout the entire corporation.

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Salesforce Training Institutes in Chennai

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A big city major embraces realtime analytics and Big Data.

Boston mayor Walsh wants to patch potholes faster, keep finger on pulse of citizen needs.

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It's not often you pick up the morning newspaper assuming you still read one and see a Big Data story leading the front page. That's what happned this morning in The Boston Globe about newly elected mayor Marty Walsh's vision for the city. 

Here's the Globe story citing Walsh:

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What security threats keep you awake at night?

#CIOchat's topic for this week: 2-3 p.m. ET Thursday

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I just read an excellent piece about what constitutes a "malicious insider." The post by two HP security strategists asserts that malicious insiders are much more than disgruntled or bumbling employees.

Here's how post authors Dan Schulte and Neil Bryden describe malicious insiders.

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CIO++ “Going above and beyond the role of the CIO”

IT must embrace a culture of change across the enterprise

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HP Blogger

Culture is really important … You also need to develop a culture that is open to change”, says HP CIO John Hinshaw in this interview by Peter High on Forbes as part of the Beyond CIO series that highlights CIOs taking on roles with expanded purviews.

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16 Tips for Moving Your Workloads to the Cloud

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By David Spark

Got a plan for your move to the cloud? If you do, you’re in the minority. According to a recent study, a mere 31 percent of those planning a move to the cloud actually have a strategy for migrating data and applications. The rest don’t.

To avoid the complexity and cost, we recommend heeding the following advice. It’s but a fraction of the endless recommendations we received from cloud experts who offered well-seasoned tips on what to do and not do when you begin planning to move workloads to the cloud.

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You’ve mastered BYOD — now get ready for BYOS (Bring Your Own Service)

How IT can tackle the next wave of consumerization

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Felix Fernandez

Not too many years ago, IT departments had to confront — and eventually gain control of — the trend of employees using their own devices at work. Today, lines of business are increasingly investing in technology services, and some analysts predict that LOBs will account for 35 percent of overall tech spending by 2015. As employees hitch their BYOD-approved tablets and smartphones to outside cloud providers without IT’s participation and governance, the enterprise is approaching the next stage of IT consumerization: Bring Your Own Service, or BYOS.

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Digital Marketing Training in Chennai

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