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Big Data’s Big Problem

The E&P Vertical Calls Me Out

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It’s not easy being a visionary.  There’s the constant stress of predicting future trends, of analyzing new ideas and technologies, and of course there’s the groupies.  A hard life, to be sure, but it got a little harder for me when I met with an oil/gas supermajor recently.  Every idea I had for Big Data and analytics on the upstream side was rejected as no more than a “moon-shot.”  Where was my rock-solid financial value proposition, they asked.  What was the compelling narrative they could sell to the business?

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Top 5 Mistakes of Webmasters

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We tend to put onus on webmasters every time when chips are down, but it is not easy for webmasters to make things always straight, even more than SEO algorithms are constantly on the roll. SEO in the recent years has become an overwhelming organic task where webmasters slip lots of things from their usual workbook. So, what are mistakes a common webmaster generally does?

1.       Problem with website architecture

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Smart home gadgets that make you feel like home

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When you were young, did you ever wonder what the future might look like? I did, and it sure looks more and more like we’re heading into what I imagined. Like I mentioned in a previous article, the Internet is no longer confined to just desktops, tablets or smartphones, it’s expanding into every part of consumers daily lives and into their homes.

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What does it take to be successful with IT Projects?

IT Project Guiding Principles

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Over 70% of IT projects fail to deliver their promised value. What can you do to avoid some of the pitfalls along the way?

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iPhone Application Development Challenges Faced by Developers

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Application development for any platform can be challenging for developers at times. Just like for any mobile platform, iPhone application development also poses many app development challenges for iOS developers. There are over 500,000+ iPhone Apps available on the iTunes App Store. This article discusses the challenges faced by developers during iPhone app development.

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Delightful Morning Green Tea Ritual and Some Wonderful Benefits

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A simple morning ritual gives a new direction to your day, changing the quality of your whole day, even give you the power to change the turbidity if you would like to make. Some simple steps like waking up in the morning, give yourself 10-15 minutes of solitude and drink a refreshing green tea present a soothing feel. Spare 3-5 minutes to make a refreshing beverage of green tea with full mindfulness. You may ask why mindfulness?

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Seven questions CIOs should ask candidates for leadership positions in their organization.

I am convinced that nothing we do is more important than hiring and developing people. At the end of the day you bet on people, not on strategies. - Larry Bossidy

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Making good hiring decisions is always a challenge but nothing is more challenging than hiring people for leadership positions in your organization.

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Securing Your IT Environment in a Mobile Workforce

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Cara Shockley

Back in October we talked about the New Style of IT, the powerful shifts in how technology is consumed, delivered and purchased.

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Six steps to a smooth CRM implementation

It all started a decade ago, when Gartner released a report on failed CRM implementations. Allegedly, it stated 50% to 70% failed CRM software installations. Aggravating the situation further, Forrester declared a 47% fail-rate in CRM implementations in 2009. Result – the panic button was pressed among businesses across all verticals. Business entrepreneurs planning to take the CRM plunge got apprehensive.

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But were things really that alarming?

Experts say No

Although ‘blown out of proportion’ may be an inappropriate term to use, things to an extent were exaggerated. What business owners did not understand was the underlying reason of failed CRM implementations.

In the opinion of Alison Diana, majority of businesses did not opt for a careful management and a well-defined pre-implementation strategy. Consequently important steps were missed out, namely –

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Reduce costs, Reduce unproductive time, Reduce your environmental footprint - Sales Mantra

Use CRM Software to reduce paperwork and save environment and time.

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Currently, 4.5 trillion pages, or 700 pages per person, are produced by businesses every year. The cost and effort involved in reading, capture and processing these documents is mind-boggling.