Transformational CIO Awards

Dave Barnes

United Parcel Service

Senior Vice President and CIO


Responsibilities: Barnes is responsible for all aspects of UPS technology used to serve more than 220 countries and territories around the globe. He also chairs the UPS Information Technology Governance Committee, responsible for the direction of UPS technology investments, ensuring they stay aligned with the company’s business vision and strategy.

Current Challenge: Continuing a laser-like focus on aligning all IT efforts with measurable business outcomes is critical. Barnes also expects to manage an expansion of UPS’s mobility resources while showing the way to harnessing and leveraging Big Data in the coming years.

Prior Experience: Barnes has spent his entire professional life at UPS, having first worked for the company in 1977 as a part time package loader. He moved up through various positions during UPS’ expansion programs in the 1980s and 1990s, including an assignment to the start-up team of UPS Airlines. Today UPS employs over 4,000 IT staff while investing more than $1 billion annually in information technology.

Quote: “Business drives technology at UPS. The tight integration of technology with business results in service reliability, visibility and accessibility unsurpassed in the industry. But most important, when fully integrated with our business processes, technology helps UPS treat each customer as if that customer is our only customer."

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