Transformational CIO Awards

Michael Wolfe


Senior Vice President, Chief Information Officer


Reports to the CEO of AMD

Responsibilities: Builds and manages a global IT infrastructure while ensuring that all IT activities map back directly to AMD’s business processes.

Prior Experience: Worked most recently at HP as VP of Product Development and Engineering where he managed software development tools for HP and its customers. Also spent some 24 years at Motorola and Freescale Semiconductor where he attained senior IT executive positions.

Current Challenge: Continuing with the development of AMD’s private cloud that encompasses all the company’s R&D design projects. Over a six-month period, this system’s monitoring and reporting software improved the use of AMD’s computing resources by up to 96% while lowering overall hardware and storage costs. This has proven to be a truly transformational force at AMD as the private cloud initiative has allowed teams to perform six months of testing in as few as five days, which in turn has had a dramatic impact on time to market.

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Dinesh Srirangpatna
Dinesh Srirangpatna 9 Points | Tue, 09/25/2012 - 22:32

Good job in leveraging cloud capabilities to provide a competitive differentiation - Six months of testing reduced to five days, effectively reducing time to market. With chip industry being driven by Moore's law - computational power doubles in 18 months, this private cloud is delivering scalable, on demand computating capability, which helps IT be a true business partner.