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The next era of storage is here.

Part 1: Sharing insights and videos from HP Discover

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As an engineer turned marketer I’m always a fan of data.  Makes me feel scientifical.  With that in mind, I was scanning IDC’s annual The Digital Universe in 2020 study that came out recently and found some nuggets worth sharing as we look out from now till 2020. Consider this:

  • In 2020 the total amount of data generated worldwide will top 40,000 exabytes. . . doubling every two years from now to then.
  • One-third of that data is expected to contain useful analytic information, i.e. Big Data (if folks can figure out how to extract meaning from it).
  • 40% of that data is going to reside or pass through some sort of IT-as-a-Service or Cloud computing provider.
  • The rate of data that needs long-term protection is growing even faster than the rate of organic data growth. . . up to over 40% by 2020.


Looking at what you are dealing with today and then looking at the flood coming down the canyon in the next eight years, it’s no surprise that your siloed storage environments are at a breaking point.  Why? It all gets back to day-one architectural decisions. Most of today’s storage was designed about 20 years ago when you could predictably assign workloads to physical disk spindles and tune individual arrays for specific applications.

Why it’s time to for storage to evolve.

Given the current environment of unpredictable performance and capacity demands, your storage infrastructure is likely too complex, rigid and expensive to deal with now, never mind what’s next.

Clearly storage has to evolve to the next era. And as we announced at HP Discover in Frankfurt on December 3, HP Converged Storage is offering a clear counterpoint to the complexity of divergent and fragmented storage architectures redefining storage in a way that enables polymorphic attributes – that is a single architecture that can be purposed in a variety of forms, shapes, and sizes.  The result is massive simplification .

See what we’re talking about.

Check out this infographic that neatly sums up what HP Converged Storage is delivering—and why.

Catch this interview shot at Discover, where I sat down with HPStorageGuy Calvin Zito to discuss the new storage innovations and products from HP.  And let me know your thoughts.

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