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2014: The Year of Relevance

New Style of IT will drive enterprises to be relevant in 2014

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As the New Style of IT drives the forces of Cloud, Mobility, Security and Big Data various ways across global enterprises, I wonder about 2014. While the industry has continued to adopt these paradigms and related technologies in recent years, 2014 is the year when their multi-faceted characteristics come to a head; forcing enterprises and their constituents to be relevant. Enterprises must answer the question of the year of 2014 – Are they relevant? Join me as I take a look at what it means to be relevant in 2014.

The market and social dynamics are such that the absence of clearly visible relevance can start a slow but steady erosion of the related entity. The need to be relevant is not just to gain a competitive edge. Instead, it’s the minimum requirement to stay in the game. Not being relevant can have serious implications, such as CIOs becoming extinct!

There are multiple dimensions to relevance.

1. Relevance to the customer. The customer must be at the center of the universe of your enterprise. Enterprises must do what it takes – including going social – to listen to the customer's needs. They must also leverage technology to identify patterns in social communications that can be used to predict what the customer wants in the future.

2. Relevance to the business. Enterprise IT must continuously work with business owners to ensure that the IT initiatives are in alignment with the business objectives. This includes the core business processes germane to the enterprise (external customers) as well as the supporting, contextual processes (internal customers).

3. Relevance of the role. The New Style of IT has had a pervasive impact on the job descriptions of all key roles across the enterprise. Emergence of key enabling technologies have increased the number of options available to stakeholders driving enterprises to a world of healthy co-existence.

4. Relevance of content. Big Data is all about realizing the big picture from the underlying data. Enterprises must ensure that their most valuable asset –information – is presented in an integrated manner, based upon historical data from the Systems of Record coupled with real-time data from Systems of Engagement with the right context.

5. Relevance of technology. Even if technology is consumed as a service, the ultimate accountability of the solution lies with Enterprise IT. Business objectives must drive the introduction of technology with the appropriate supporting mechanisms in place across the software development lifecycle.

Here are some examples of relevant solutions that matter, driven by the New Style of IT, all of which matter to the citizens of this planet:

What are other aspects of relevance in the context of your enterprise? Do you have similar examples of relevance? Please let me know.

And a Happy New Year of Relevance to you in 2014!

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John Dodge 1528 Points | Fri, 01/03/2014 - 18:38

The mere fact an enterprise is in business sets a baseline for relevance. Emphasizing the five points here will make them more relevant and more important. 

E.G. Nadhan 271 Points | Fri, 01/03/2014 - 21:47

Agree, John.  And the New Style of IT shifts the baseline for relevance for enterprises to remain competitive in the future. 

Team up with HP Technology Expert, E.G.Nadhan

Connect with Nadhan on: Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and Journey Blog.