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Guess who is ”The George Clooney” of the App World

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In a CBR interview, Paul Evans, HP Worldwide Lead for Application Transformation, discusses why HP is the George Clooney of the app world: “You need a partner who is “Sexy and attractive, but also experienced and mature.” The whole package. Evans explains that clients are looking for a George Clooney who can develop really intuitive, compelling, beautifully designed experiences – delivered by apps that make you come back and re-live that experience. So it’s with great interest that I read the Applications Transformation session abstracts for HP Discover Barcelona – wondering if a picture of ‘George Clooney’ emerges in the process.

1. Applications. Evans himself leads with a session on the exciting time for apps (TK2350) that has evolved into the image of the enterprise (DF3296). Forrester VP, John McCarthy would agree through his succinct assertion: “Software is the new brand.” BB3215 highlights the vital need for CIOs to have a System of Engagement with the CMOs. DT2387 explains why a compelling user experience is essential, and DT2388 explains how you would do it. Looking to design an engaging app? DF3295.

2. Modernization. Applications Transformation is a strategic exercise. 20th Century Fox CIO John Herbert introduced Journey Management in Las Vegas. DF2560 discusses the strategy for the journey to the Cloud. DF2576 and takes you through migration. DF3346 discusses when to migrate. DF3293 wonders about the cost of running your applications. Do you have the mechanisms in place to track cloud ROI?

3. Cloud. DT2399 discusses developing new apps for the Cloud (DT2399) while explaining how traditional apps can become cloud apps (DT2400). For best practices, check out DF3294.

4. Mobility. Mobility is addressed through the design and development (DT2389) of secure, high quality (DT2390) mobile apps that run anywhere anytime (DF3296).

5. Management. Management of the Cloud solutions deployed must not be an afterthought. Check out DF2558.

Experience and maturity in Applications Transformation comes across in the TB1896 (Apps), TB1895 (Mobility), and TB1890 sessions, which provide an overview of how HP IT has embraced these concepts within HP.

“It doesn’t mean that George Clooney comes from one company,” says Evans (DF2563). The extensive partner base is evident from these sessions: SAP (BB2129), CapGemini (BB1940), Citrix (BB3193), ORACLE (BB1861) and Accenture (BB1813).

There you have it. As I review these abstracts, I get a picture of an organization that:

  • "Builds a better enterprise together"
  • Serves as the Transformation GPS in the journey to the Cloud.
  • Strategizes and migrates the right applications
  • Has the expertise in designing and building applications for the cloud
  • Manages the modernized applications in the cloud with the right tools.

And most importantly, an organization effectively brings together an ecosystem of service providers.

Voila: George Clooney.

I may never get to meet George Clooney in person, but I’m excited at the prospect of attending a conference where you can experience the full Applications Transformation package.

Have you met George Clooney? Are you going to experience the ‘George Clooney’ of the App World in Barcelona? Please let me know.

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