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A formula for successful transformation to the Cloud

Measured execution aligning with strategy vital to effective cloud deployment

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Transformation to the Cloud is most effective when it is executed in alignment with the right enterprise strategy. If you read this post by Forbes blogger, Joe McKendrick, you would see how continuous measurement of metrics that matter is also vital to this exercise. Thus – Strategy, Execution and Measurement – stand out to me as the three key phases for successful Cloud transformation – a foundational premise for my DF3521 — The Three phases vital to cloud adoption session at HP Discover.

My high-schooler is reviewing (and practicing) how to write college essays on various topics. She came across this topic on Formula for Success. She is considering various factors—such as intelligence, experience, knowledge, training, and opportunity—to see how they can be logically connected with mathematical operators to define her own formula for success. Intriguing exercise, but very difficult to measure and prove.

Let’s see if we can engage in a similar exercise for the 3 phases of Cloud Transformation.

Strategy is all about ensuring that the overall business and IT strategy is well-defined for the enterprise as a whole.

Execution is the actual act of systematically transforming the appropriate application, and infrastructure components, to the right cloud the right way.

Measurement is ensuring that the tangible metrics are identified and tracked before and after the cloud transformation.

Join me as I attempt to apply some arithmetic to the significance of these three phases.

Having only 2 of these phases is not a recipe for success. The following mathematical inequality confirms the obvious.

1 + 1 ≠ 3

At the same time, if all three phases are addressed properly, you could realize significant gains through exponential synergies. Or, in mathematical terms, it is quite possible that:

1 + 1 + 1 is = to, indeed, 5!

Makes me wonder if there is a formula (of sorts), which symbolizes the reasons why each of the Cloud Transformation phases are vital in their own right. Take the following formula for instance:transformation index

 Every cloud transformation project must be executed properly in alignment with the overall strategy while being continuously measured.

English Translation

  • If there is no strategy (zero value), Transformation Index (TI) will be 1. With the right strategy, the value will rise exponentially. The more accurate your strategy is, the higher your TI.
  • If there is no measurement, TI is undefined (divide by zero error). You don’t know where you are as an enterprise.
  • Proper execution will increase the TI value offset by flawed executions.
  • The greater the number of projects for which this is done right, the higher the Transformation Index.


I am no Eratosthenes when it comes to mathematical formulae. However, this is an attempt to apply arithmetical principles that reinforce basic principles when it comes to cloud transformation.

What say you? Are there other formulae that come to your mind? Are there other factors to be considered? Please let me know.

Would certainly entertain any thoughts you have and look forward to engaging with you during my session DF3521 at HP Discover in Las Vegas

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