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The New Style of IT drives a New Style of Leadership

Competitive enterprises of tomorrow need a New Style of Leadership today

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Forbes Blogger Joe McKendrick identifies the 10 traits of highly effective cloud leaders – leaders  comfortable with the notion of bringing in new types of solutions to address business problems and super-charge innovation. Cloud is one of the many defining aspects of the New Style of IT. Most of the leadership traits identified by McKendrick can be extended to the New Style of IT at large. To me, it all comes together as the New Style of IT needing a New Style of Leadership.

The key traits that drive the New Style of Leadership are:

1. Customer-driven enterprise. Say hello to the nucleus of the New Style of IT – The User – who drives the Systems of Engagement  characterized by Geoffrey Moore as the IT Architecture in Transition. New Style of IT leaders must ensure that their enterprises go social to know what their customers want. New Style CIOs must have a System of Engagement with the CMO.

2. Business-driven technology: A key mantra that emerges from this interview of Forrester Analyst, Phil Murphy is: Enterprises must enable business functions that matter with the right applications modernized to the Cloud. McKendrick asserts cloud leaders never recommend cloud for cloud's sake. New Style of IT leaders must not do so either.

3. Collaboration-driven ecosystem. It is time to build a better enterprise – together. Enterprises must collaborate with their partners to bring together the right set of solutions that best serve their customers. CIOs have a critical role to play to integrate the business of IT.  This is a business where CIOs must acknowledge and learn from best practices gleaned from other organizations' experiences, as McKendrick states.

4. Simplification-driven innovation. Murphy explains that the rationalization of monolithic legacy applications will free up time for CIOs to focus on innovative opportunities opened up by the New Style of IT – albeit through the Cloud, or Big Data, or Mobility. McKendrick identifies another key leadership trait: Not being afraid to experiment and fail repeatedly. This is a defining leadership trait for the New Style of IT, replete with fascinating intersections of Big Data and cloud across various industries.

5. Revitalization-driven workforce. The New Style of IT calls for a revitalization of the skillsets within the enterprise, again albeit for Big Data, the Cloud or Security. McKendrick’s assertion that cloud provides career opportunities well beyond the IT department, and these opportunities can be extended to other aspects of the New Style of IT. Remember the sexiest job of the 21st Century in the world of Big Data?

Computing the Return on Investment – ROI – is a long-standing leadership trait. New Style of IT leaders, however, must look at different dimensions of ROI, whether they are Information, Innovation, Individuals, Infrastructure and even Imagination.

Enterprises looking to be in the driver’s seat tomorrow must have the New Style of Leadership today – taking a cue from the traits identified by Mckendrick for cloud leaders.

So, what are the drivers for the New Style of Leadership in your enterprise?

Lead the way and do let me know – in your own style.

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