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So, what’s New about the Style of IT?

Say hello to the nucleus of IT -- The User

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"Information Technology” is the technology involving the development, maintenance, and use of computer systems, software, and networks for the processing and distribution of data. Despite all the technological innovations over the years, IT is still what it was defined to be when it was first used in 1978. However, recent tectonic shifts in the industry have accelerated change in how IT is exercised. A New Style of IT has emerged that is really driven by the entity at the center of IT all – The User.

Let us see how the terms that make up this definition impact the New Style of IT.

1. Technology has turned the tables on computers. No longer are we forced to think in terms of rows and columns in the structure enforced by relational databases. Instead, computers have been trained to process unstructured data like The User.

2. Development of applications is rapidly driven by the needs of the ubiquitous user. App stores provide instant access to the apps that matter. New development is spurred by the instant feedback shared by The User.

3. Maintenance is underscored by automation and self-service. Business continuity is vital. Problem resolution is prioritized, based upon the business and personal impact to The User.

4. Infrastructure (Compute and storage) resources are now in the hands of the user. The network is punctuated by a brave new social world of mobile interactions. “Computer systems” of today are rarely powered off by The User.

5. Distribution of processed data — information – in a timely manner is key. Users have even started associating value with data about themselves. Infonomics begins at the residence of The User.

At the heart of IT all, The User is driving the New Style of IT with renewed vigor surfacing the key tenets below:

a. Prediction. Enterprises use the data today to predict the needs and behavior of the users in the future. Proactive risk management techniques, which penetrate the mindset of the predator, are used to combat cybercrime.

b. Automation. Predictive Analytics is systemically driving automation across the enterprise.

c. Innovation. Innovation is spurred at the intersections of various paradigms like cloud, mobility, security, big data and social media.

d. Attention. Social attention results in messages that best capture the sentiment of a vast majority of users to go viral across Systems of Engagement.

e. Governance. Enterprise IT, outsourcing vendors, cloud service providers and partners are driven to co-exist in harmony within a more comprehensive governance framework.

The New Style of IT manifests itself by transforming business functions that matter from the landscape of applications to the cloudscape of services. CIOS need a System of Engagement with CMOs while securing their relationship with CISOs. To effectively adapt to the New Style of IT, enterprises must have a laser focus on their nerve center – saying a warm Hello! To the nucleus of IT – The User.

How is your enterprise adapting to the New Style of IT? Please let me know.

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John Dodge 1535 Points | Tue, 07/23/2013 - 12:22

Is the user really driving IT? Yes, we have omnipresent availability, self-service, automation, cloud and $2 apps. But Ill add two points: IT will always be defined by a handful of vendor leaders...Gates, Jobs, Page and company. Those visions will be shaped in the enterprise by CIOs and others in the C suite. Yes, the user has more leverage, but I wonder how much IT is paying attention.  

With this unprecented availability also comes greater security threats, widespread cyber crime and the end of privacy. We are not experiencing so much a shift as an ever-accelerating evolution that brings improvements - and new problems. 

E.G. Nadhan 271 Points | Thu, 07/25/2013 - 20:08

John, I see where you are coming from.  But, please note that what the leaders came up with was driven by the needs of the user overall -- whether it be friendlier interfaces, ergonomic devices or making it a connected world with instant access.  This was not the case in the early years of IT.

In the New style of IT, we are in a world where enterprises have to go social to understand what their customers want.  While I agree that CIOs give shape and form to the forward thinking concepts from visionaries, they also need to have a system of engagement with their CMOs (read customer).  Predictive analytics performed on the data thus gathered will drive systemic automation that will continue to nurture the new style of IT.

There may be several triggers that drive IT forward but the User is certainly at the nerve center of it all.  Which is why I assert that they are -- albeit passively -- driving it.

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