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CIOs wanting on social media and mobile security

Frank self-assessment shows they're strongest in traditional IT areas.

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CIOs are struggling to keep up and they know it.

A study from Protiviti, the consulting arm of Robert Half International, says that on a scale of 1-5 (5 the highest), 200 CIO types gave themselves an average score of 2.8 for their skills and knowledge when it comes to social media security, social media integration, mobile commerce security, mobile commerce integration, and mobile commerce policy. These areas consistently rank among today's top IT priorities.

In fact, the survey revealed that CIOs are weakest in social media security (I did not there was such a thing!) and mobile commerce security. Click here for an infographic that summarizes the survey findings and here for the complete 40-page report.

The good news in the survey revealed that CIO types have gotten more confident about their cloud and virtualization skills. Is it me or is some of the buzz surrounding the cloud subsiding? Maybe, companies are just doing it now.

What I like about this report is its comprehensiveness and organization. It looks at hot buttons like mobility and mobile security, but also examines in detail bread and butter areas such as privacy and security; technical knowledge; strategy and organization; IT infrastructure; managing IT assets and continuity.

Pay particular attention to the "Key Questions to Consider," which I find more illuminating than the answers such reports attempt to give. Each section has 6-8 questions. Here's a couple of key ones under "Technical Knowledge," which mostly addresses mobility:

-- Can mobile commerce solutions be integrated effectively, efficiently and securely with your overall IT infrastructure and existing management tools?"

-- How can smartphones, tablets and similar devices be integrated into the normal flow of business in a more effective and secure manner."

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