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Hadoop, the foundation for Big Data

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"Big Data" is almost as revered as the "cloud" when it comes to hot buzzwords. What is it and how can it be truly exploited? Enterprise CIO Forum community manager John Dodge asks editor-in-chief Bob Gourley to size up Big Data. Gourley enjoyed a long career as a naval intelligence officer, served as CTO for the Defense Intelligence Agency and was a senior executive at Northrup Grumman and TRW.

Bob is uniquely qualified to speak about Big Data given his career has been dedicated to protecting it. Bob emphasizes the value of Hadoop and its vital importance to delivering on the promise of Big Data. Hadoop is the open source library of software programs for processing vast amounts of distributed data.

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Paul Calento 255 Points | Tue, 12/27/2011 - 21:07

John or Bob: In many ways, Hadoop is the open source enabler for Big Data. But for folks that are looking for other ways to manage their structured and unstructured data, what are the ways? I've seen Stuart Miniman's views on preparing your infrastructre and workforce for Big Data, but wondering what other options are out there.

--Paul Calento

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