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Blogger and futurist Irving Wladawsky-Berger, who retired in 2007 from IBM after 37 years with the company, has written an insightful post that categorizes the different types (or stages, if you will) of CIOs. I think he has done a comprehensive job of classifying CIO types: My comments follow each one. 

--Internal & Operational - dinosaur. 

--Internal & Strategic - I would guess most are these...or at least trying to be strategic.

--External & Operational - in this role, the CIO is solidly focused on business issues. 

--External & Strategic - this role would seem to be what many experts advocate..where the CIO has truly arrived as a key decsion maker and relationship builder.  

One sentence in Wladawsky-Berger's post jumps out at me: "There is no longer any business area beyond the scope of IT." Therein lies the power and endurance of the CIO.

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