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Social media, mobile devices most vulnerable to abuse

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Social media will become the primary new target for malware in 2011, according to McAfee Labs’ “2011 Threat Predictions.”

“Social media connections will eventually replace email as the primary vector for distributing malicious code and links,” the report warns. This suggests that the rise of social media decline at the expense of e-mail could be taking root. What’s more, mobile devices are becoming targets for more sophisticated malware as well.

CIOs should be forewarned from two vantage points: protecting corporate information assets and the ramifications of implementing new technologies such as location and short URL services which the report says are ripe for abuse.

Also on rise in 2011 will be politically-motivated and nation state attacks, so-called “friendly fire” and signed files masquerading as legitimate, dangers from highly portable applications and sophisticated cyber-criminal gangs penetrating all types of networks.

If that doesn’t scare you, the following paragraph from the report should:

“Companies of all sizes that have any involvement in national security or major global economic activities (even peripherally, such as a law firm advising a corporate conglomerate starting business in another country) should expect to come under pervasive and continuous attacks that go after email archives, document stores, intellectual property repositories, and other databases.”

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