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What do you want for Christmas, CIOs? Best wish of all was granted to crew of HMS Ocean

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It's Christmas time, CIOs, and time to let us know what you want for Christmas. The attached link is what Australian CIOs want Christmas - one says "look it up on Google" and stop calling the damned help desk. That was sort of funny if not a bit Grinch-like. In searching the world for great CIO content, I find lots of good links from Australia and Canada.

Anyhow, in the spirit of the season, I also attached the video "All I want for Christmas" from the aviation crew of the HMS Ocean, a British warship. Poor blokes and lassies had been away for 255 days, 155 days at sea. All they wanted was to be home for Christmas, which became a reality Dec. 9.

It has 2.34 million views so far. Watch it. It will make you feel good.

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