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Would you be CIO in Detroit?

The ultimate job in IT crisis management.

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What it would be like to be the CIO for the beleagueed and bankrupt City of Detroit?

From all appearances, Detroit has no CIO. Peruse the city's web site and you would find little reference to an IT department much less a prominent CIO (clearly, school, police and fire would have some sort of IT function). The city does have an Information Technology Services page. That one of its data centers is moving into a new public safety complex metaphorically speaks volumes about Detroit's troubles.

There's also an online services page so citizens can conduct business online, but IT has scant presence of The Motor City's web site, say, compared to Boston, which has a very high-profile and successful CIO named Bill Oates. No such luck for Detroit which is night to Boston's day.

The Detroit job would be  the ultimate CIO survival challenge. There would be no resources. Contraction not growth would be the order of the day. And Detroit has much more pressing problems than hiring a high-functioning CIO.

How could IT help Detroit? Could big data identify trends that in some small way could lift the city? 

What made me think about Detroit are the Google news alerts I get from Robert Half Technology about its quarterly IT jobs forecasts. The survey makes forecasts by region and metropolitan area and Q4 IT hiring nationwide looks to be robust, according to headline after headline in my alerts.

Even in the Detroit area.

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