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BYOPC - Bring Your Own PC (Part 2)

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BYOPC - (Part 2) The New IT Strategy

By now you have had time to digest YES - The New IT Strategy. If the thought of adopting YES as your new IT strategy didn’t send you immediately to the roof of the library, maybe you can absorb a little more with Part 2 of The New IT Strategy:

BYOPC = Bring Your Own PC.
BYOPC is growing in popularity and deserves serious consideration by college and university CIO’s and corproate CIO's alike. READ FULL POST
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John Dodge 1535 Points | Thu, 04/28/2011 - 14:10

Here's a good summary of Jobs' 90-minute watershed interview about moving into the post-PC era...and all else on his mind nearly a year old. Some might say Steve has a track record!