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How the cloud can improve productivity

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Productivity is at a premium in every business, the top priority for most every businesses we might say. :) Cloud development in the last few years has directly influenced the productivity in every workplace. Cloud computing applications and solutions had a positive impact upon technology integration and made life easier and improved productivity in the workplace.

There are several ways businesses can increase their productivity using the cloud. Here is a snapshot of them;

Mobility – With cloud applications and solutions, people can access their documents anytime and anywhere from all around the world. Therefore, cloud apps have been adopted by most organizations. Google Drive and Dropbox are two of the most common used cloud storage services that allow file sharing.

Business Continuity  - In case of disasters, the business will continue to operate as usual. The data is safely stored on a remote data center and backed up by high levels of security and controls. From the cloud outages that have occured over the past years, businesses have felt more comfortable with their applications and data in the cloud with the help of providers developing comprehensive disaster recovery and failover plans.

Improved Communication  - Tools, apps and web services offer solutions that traditional IT was not able to deliver. For example, in-house video messaging/ conferencing may improve the internal communication in a company.

Telecommuting – Employees now have the flexibility to work remotely – this avoids wasted time in long commutes. People are even less stressed, therefore producing better quality work and making them more efficient, which is an added benefit for the company. Employees spend more time focusing on their work and being to have a healthier work/ home life balance.

Cloud computing is improving productivity, there is no doubt. And the number of solutions are limitless. Therefore, any single business has now the possibility to choose the solutions most appropriate to their needs and objectives. 

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bassam amrou 0 Points | Mon, 04/22/2013 - 15:38

The cloud opens endless possibilities with challenges. I love using drop box and google docs for my personal files but would not want to do so for my business confidential files. As a matter of fact i would be in violation of the security policy I wrote :) I had to create a private cloud to ensure flexibility and security. Telling people you should not be using drop box is a policy which is dead on arrival unless you communicate it with an alternative which is easy to use.

The cloud offers a great potential for disaster recovery. In trying to accomplish that is rather expensive and requires a major pipe to the host. I would love to see an actual case study of XTerabytes of data and applications and how it works with the cloud in a cost effective way. Making this happen (Failover) in my own cloud is a challenge despite what the storage vendors, the virtual vendors, hardware and network vendors claim in their marketing brochures. When it came down to it, seamless remains to be a Nablus definition. I would love to have my disaster site at a major cloud provider if It can be provided at a cost effective way (with live data not just dormant backup files) In my research I am finding that hosting the entire solution in the cloud is a better way than using the cloud as a failover!