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Rogue clouds need to identified and managed:

Many insights into rogue clouds in this week's Twitter chat

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In yesterday's Twitter chat about what CIOs can do to blunt the spread of rogue clouds, there was no consensus, really, but plenty of informed opinion.

Here's the numbers on the chat: 28 participants and 188 Tweets. Now for the insights.

Rogue clouds are going to happen even if the CIO offers alternatives. All the same, protection of corporate assets is paramount and that is aided by employee communication and education.

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Top 6 Benefits of Cloud Computing to Enterprises

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In today’s technological landscape, it’s not unusual to hear about putting your files “in the cloud.” Everyone seems to be doing it, from personal exchanges to business transactions. In simple terms, cloud computing takes the old system of running programs and saving files onto a computer’s hard drive, and makes it Internet-based instead.

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Cloud security fears overblown, but be wary of sloppy SaaS users

Two stories in the past 24 hours offer stark contrast about cloud security.

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 Are cloud security fears overblown or understated? I've found two stories in the past 24 hours that say yes and yes.

A study from Softchoice says Software as a Service (SaaS) users are "irresponsible' when it comes to security. They're 2x to 10x more careless with passwords and 2x to 16x more casual with file transfers. I take that to mean x times more than non-cloud SaaS users.

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Cloud use "broad and rampant" in enterprises, says survey

File sharing, collaboration and social media used most

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Cloud services in use at enterprises are "broad and rampant," according to a new study of more than 3,000,000 million across 100 companies in financial services, healthcare, high tech, manufacturing, media the and the services industry. 

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Mobile is a big deal—just don’t treat it like one

Mobile influencer Benjamin Robbins explains how the right approach to mobility improves the enterprise and revitalizes IT.

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Most enterprises today understand the value that mobility offers both their customers and employees. But when they jump on the mobile bandwagon, some organizations psych themselves out when attempting to define their mobile approach.

Discover Performance asked Benjamin Robbins, co-founder of enterprise mobility consultancy Palador, where mobile fits in the enterprise big picture, and what role IT leadership can play in a self-service world of cloud and automation. Perhaps most surprisingly, Robbins surmises that, in some ways, mobile is really no big deal.

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Dealing With Cloud Data Vulnerability

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One of the biggest hindrance in way of embracing cloud is data security. In cloud the data is stored in a shared resource pool where the infrastructure is made available to all the users indiscriminately. Since the data is hosted in a virtualized space outside the physical in-house data server it becomes vulnerable to violation if not properly monitored and secured. When cloud offers distinct advantages over traditional in-house IT model it has its share of disadvantages too.

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Who do you trust with your data?

According to Gartner, organizations are more likely to have a policy against sharing sensitive data with their business partners than with their cloud provider.

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According to Gartner, organizations are more likely to have a policy against sharing sensitive data with their business partners than with their cloud provider. But when it comes to sharing sensitive data, particularly with your cloud provider, one word comes to mind – Accountability. Your organization needs to be accountable for what data gets moved to the cloud and the state it’s in when it gets there (firewalls, encryption, policies, etc.).

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Over Half Of CIOs Fail To Test Cloud Vendors’ Security Systems

Are fears over cloud security abating?

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While 84% of CIOs claim they are concerned about cloud security, only 45% of them test it out before they take the leap, according to a report from the Cloud Industry Forum (CIF).  But 50% of the 84% of the 250 IT directors responding to the CIF study said they are only "somewhat concerned" about cloud security.

What do you think? Would you take a cloud vendor's word about security at face value?

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Cloud Security Concern: How secure is Hosted Exchange 2010?

Many businesses and decision makers are still uneasy about outsourcing their email. They feel that outsourcing such critical business communication tool i.e. email could risk their security. But whether businesses are secure with on-premise email server? How hosted exchange provides better intrusion guarding to businesses?

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Richa Pokhriyal

Hosted Exchange 2010 is quite popular hosted business email solution. Often it is the first step towards the cloud services adoption. Not a surprise security remains the top concern for companies who are evaluating hosted solutions like Hosted Exchange 2010 or the latest version Hosted Exchange 2013. Adopting hosted messaging solutions like Hosted Exchange 2010 is an important decision because email is most important part of business communications and often holds sensitive information.

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