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Securing IT assets in a big enterprise and "innovating with confidence"

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HP Global CIO and senior vice president Ramon Baez explains how HP security products and services helped it counter more than 100 million threats to its IT infrastructure and web sites over a recent 30-day period.  With 300,000 employees, 120,000 mobile devices, cloud services and a global presence, HP security must be both pre-emptive and predictive, says Baez. 

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Mobile and cloud the new value creators: HP CIO Ramon Baez

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HP Global CIO and senior vice president Ramon Baez explains how the new business drivers of cloud and mobile contribute the bottom and top lines. He also discusses IT costs, security, the need for top IT talent and the increased speed necessary to compete in today's business environment. It used to take three weeks to provision a database. Now it takes five minutes in a cloud environment, says Baez. CIO publisher emeritus Gary Beach conducts the interview.   

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If cloud computing can transform an 80-year-old media company, imagine what it can do for your business

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The holiday season means one thing for me: Avoid the crazy lines at retail stores and escape to the movie theater. On my list this season are Walking with Dinosaurs and The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. Since this past summer, the movies' distributor, 20th Century Fox, has been building buzz for these blockbusters by creating identities on various social media sites for each movie, and releasing prescreen content to the press and customers.

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Data centers treading water

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There's much room for improvement in enterprise data centers, according this new IDG Research Services Quick Poll entitled "The data center an an innovation center."

Indeed, about a quarter of the 54 respondents said their data centers just support ongoing operations while only 10% thought theirs were innovative. Cost pressures and the growth of data were cited as the biggest data center challenges and reasons why innovation is so important.

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Comparing Big Data and cloud

Big Data: the amoeba that ate Cleveland

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If you compare perceptions about the cloud two years ago with Big Data now, they are different animals. The cloud was a heavily hyped (less so now) game changer. Today, Big Data has assumed the mantle of lead game changer, but that's where the similarities end.

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Using cloud technology for better, more efficient healthcare

By Jane Munn, Vice President and Business Line Executive, Cloud, IBM Systems & Technology Group

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The recent rollout of the Affordable Healthcare Act enrollment has spurred a tremendous amount of public discussion about the challenges facing consumers and healthcare providers. Regardless of where you may stand on the new regulations, a number of core issues have become clear through the conversation.

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How CIOs Can Become Business Heroes

It's pay as you go IT services from now on..

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This post by former CIO Mike Hugos, who blogged early on at the ECF, describes how you can gain the attention and respect of upper management during the sliver of time they give you in the annual senior management retreat.  

Here's a snippet:

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Reconciling IT budgets and the cloud

It boils down to whether business management trusts IT?

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Over the last couple months, the same discussion keeps popping up over and over again. It started last August at a cloud introduction workshop I ran for an insurance company. I talked about the need to manage the service portfolio and highlighted the importance of a proper governance between business and IT. One of the attendees complained that the business had no understanding of the cost associated with the development of new services.

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The co-evolution of HR, Big Data and Social Enterprise

The growing field of "Talent Analytics"

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The often-contentious relationship between marketing and IT has made for great organizational spectator sport, but perhaps the more interesting game in town is the revolution in HR’s deepening relationship with Big Data.

The growing field of Talent Analytics adds a very interesting dimension to Big Data and converged HR infrastructures. Most of the consulting engagements I’ve worked on in this area are driven by four intermeshed HR and IT needs: 

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Has Marketing Clouded the Cloud for CIO’s?

Does Marketing Cloud adoption raise the ante for developing new “Social BRM” skills in central IT ?

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Check the visitor sign-in sheet in the main lobby and chances are you’ll see that vendor account reps that had been calling on you in IT are now instead calling on your buddies on the marketing floor. There is probably no greater example of this shift than in the proliferation of what are generically called “Marketing Clouds”.

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