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The Cloud Conversation: 5 Things Every CIO Needs to Know

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Most CIOs are familiar with the “cloud conversation.” It might start in a board meeting or IT brainstorm, but always leads to the same place: What can the cloud do for us? From the perspective of most C-suite members, the bottom line is how much software-as-a-service (SaaS), virtualized storage or other cloud technologies can save the company each month. CIOs, meanwhile, are uniquely qualified to evaluate the cloud on both technical and functional merits and provide high-level analysis — here are five things every CIO needs to know when considering the cloud.

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What's the best way to organize IT?

Our Twitter chat reveals many insights. #CIOchat

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How do CIOs balance the pressure to contain costs against all the things we preach they must do: get to know the customer, provide apps and cloud services with lightening speed, securely enable the mobile workforce, forge C suite relationships and exploit Big Data to name a few.

It's a dizzying number of tasks often in conflict with each other. Yes, everyone wants to go mobile, but isn't that inherently a threat to security. Maybe the CIO should be the Chief Contradiction Officer. 


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Rethinking Typical Cloud Storage

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David Grimes

Enterprises are under increasing pressure to manage the costs and logistics around an exploding volume of data. Much of that data is “copy data” – the byproduct of enterprise data management processes such as backups, snapshots, disaster recovery programs, and test/dev – which produces excess data that must be stored, often at high costs. As of 2013, IDC estimates that copy data is a $44 billion problem, prompting enterprises to pursue solutions to reduce and better manage it.

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New Year, New Data Trends

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Big Data, Fast Data, Cloud Data, SaaS Data. These became more than buzzwords -- and for good reason. Organizations are deploying new and different as well as tried and true data technologies to make better business decisions. However, with so many database options out there, selecting the one best suited for specific business requirements can be a real challenge.

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What's Hot in Electronic Content Management

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The rapid adoption of tablets and smartphones for everyday computing use is dramatically affecting how ECM systems are used and how they must evolve.  Technologies based on installed client software—Java, .NET components, Office software or even Adobe Acrobat— are increasingly marginalized by a call for simplicity in use, but not in capability. In this environment, there are a number of areas that must be evaluated in order for ECM systems to evolve and support the new way in which we are working.

Security Can’t be Ignored

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Blueprint of a cloud model for a hybrid environment

With its scalable and elastic technology, cloud has been among the most impactful catalysts of change to both business and IT. Cloud has redefined “time to value,” which in turn has revolutionized customer and client expectations and pressed data centers to deliver more services at a faster rate than ever before. Cloud has, in effect, fostered and encouraged the on-demand convenience required by today’s consumer.

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CIOs frustrated by mainframe app conversion expense

IT mainframe skills shortage getting worse.

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Ready to put those antiquated mainframes apps into the cloud or on smart phones? Not so fast. It just got a whole lot more expensive.

According to a survey of 590 CIOs in nine countries, an average of $11 million is needed to modernize core mainframe applications. More significantly, that represents a 29% rise in the past 18 months. In May, 2012, the average moderization figure cost was $8.5 million.

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Digital enterprise's roots are in consumerization

Empowering users, partners and customers

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HP Blogger

Digital technologies are enabling enterprises to innovate and exploit new business opportunities, sometimes at no extra cost.

Using digital technologies, IT, for lack of a better name,  if you want to call it differently, companies increase the relationship with their eco-systems, their customers, while improving the productivity of their employees and the consistency of their business processes. All benefits improving the image they portray in the market. Now, what thinking brings you there?

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Data Center Virtualization 101

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Organizations and CIOs alike have recognized the importance of virtualization inside their onsite data center. Research conducted by Forrester indicates that as of 2012, about 85% of corporate datacenters had some type of server virtualization in place. When compared to the 4% of respondents who have decided to exclusively keep their bare metal apparatuses in place, it is obvious that data center virtualization is here to stay.


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What CIOs need to know before relying on startups

Weighing the pros and cons

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As the saying goes, big companies like to do business with big companies, but what about start-ups.

What enterprise CIO wants to bet on a concern that could not support it or worse, vanish without a trace. As they say, high risk, high reward.

The attached story weighs the pros and cons. For instance, start-ups in search of customers will do anything for you. However, such unrewarded good will could accelerate their demise.

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