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The Silly Name Startup is Hizztri

Blog-post by Jeff Bartman, Wed, 02/29/2012 - 23:57

Question: Has the time come when nonsense Tech company names like Google, Yahoo, Zynga, Hulu, Tivo, Twitter, Flickr, Admob, Groupon just sound dated and way too cute to convey any gravitas, trust or value. How about we declare that Gen-XYZ startup names are officially cliche as of, well, last month. Thankfully, near-zero buzz or very many venture dollars have decended on the following real-life social hopefuls: Fogdog, Tingtag, Flubit, Wazu, Xobni, Smule, Skimble, Blotr, EatLime, BooHoo, Jambl, Hamjab or Qik. Let's hope this fad will soon be Hizztri.


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Governance, risk and compliance – What does it all mean?

Blog-post by Genefa Murphy, Wed, 06/29/2011 - 15:58
Genefa Murphy

In my last blog post I spoke about IT debt and how it can hinder CIOs from moving forward in their IT transformations. A few weeks ago now I was speaking with several executives from some leading financial, healthcare and manufacturing firms at a customer roundtable and the subject of IT debt came to the forefront.

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