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Recently a CIO from a major bank appeared on a conference panel discussion. The talk turned to IT complexity, and the moderator asked the panelists what hardwar…
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John Mello  "Think about it: Do you know every potential access point on your network?" I bet the answer to this one is an overwelmi… more »
Ron Callari
Big data analytics service provider can help your business sustain successfully with the introduction of strong analytical solutions. Today, a business not only…
Joe White  Big data is the new buzz for business intelligence consulting firms to evaluate data for generating business oriented re… more »
Joe White
The media buzz about cloud makes you want to believe that many businesses want to embrace cloud and want to move to cloud these days. Some common notions are th…
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So many Clouds, so many vendors, so little time...If you have been watching the cloud announcements, the (not so fair) fare wars, …
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Vivek Shah  Good read.... more »