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Harvesting intelligence from data—and converting that intelligence into productive financial risk-transfer decisions—is a key element of how capital markets fir…
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Recently a CIO from a major bank appeared on a conference panel discussion. The talk turned to IT complexity, and the moderator asked the panelists what hardwar…
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John Dodge  It would seem moving some of this homegrown and cumulative complexity could be achieved by moving bit by bit, app by app… more »
In 2014, 55% of hardware decision-makers from North American and European enterprises plan to prioritize building an internal private cloud, and 33% have alrea…
Rohit Sharma  Thanks for sharing your detailed article, regards,… more »
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Are fears about cloud security warranted or overblown? That is our #CIOchat question for this Thursday #CIOchat from 2-3 p.m. ET and comes from ECF editorial di…
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Stuart Crawford  I think, private cloud make every business more effective by providing easy application with great working environment o… more »