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Over 11 years ago in 2003 Nicholas Carr published his infamous article IT Doesn’t Matter in the Harvard Business Review. Carr argued that Enterprise IT had seen…
pete bartolik  I think Carr was right on the hardware front, which is increasingly becoming commoditized. Software is a different story… more »
pete bartolik
Ron Callari
Paul Korzeniowski
Cybersecurity is the number one concern for CIOs in state security for 2015 – and no wonder. State security systems house an enormous amount of data on any numb…
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pete bartolik  CIOs shouldn't be asking what should we be encrypting, rather they should be asking why shouldn't we be encrypting those… more »
pete bartolik
pete bartolik
Ron Callari
Paul Korzeniowski
Keith Macbeath
Increasingly at HP we are asked by customers’ IT management: “How should I charge for cloud services?” The simple answer is that you should charge in the same w…
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Metaphors can help demystify complex concepts like converged infrastructure, which is a somewhat self-defining term but at the same time a touch fuzzy.…
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Ganesh Karthik  A shark is perfectly engineered to accomplish its mission – it is the ideal hunting machine, which is extremely sophisti… more »
Ganesh Karthik