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Customer Relationship Management is adopted by organizations to synchronize their marketing, sales and service departments. Companies can gain CRM benefits by a…
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Nissi Infotech  Yes! A great CRM system makes your work life easier, it integrates seamlessly into your own setup and fine-tunes the inf… more »
Nissi Infotech
Quick Test Professional (QTP) is now called as HP Unified Functional Testing (UFT). It is one of the leading automation tools available in the market to carry o…
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With the increasing importance of analytics to the enterprise, the question becomes who should own the analytics and data agenda. This question really matters t…
Myles Suer  I like what Allan had to say. Clearly, the CIO is where the analytics and data action will often happen. The question re… more »
Allan E. Dean
In the first of a two-part series, I take a look at the hype surrounding the consumerization of IT, why I believe that the enterprise is taking on more than it …
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Joel Shore  >> Shadow IT has deservedly earned a villain-like status allowing CIOs the power to fire employees who step outsid… more »
Gladys Fernandez