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"Future proof your IT career: 8 tech area that will still be hot in 2020" at CIO.com is an article containing non-obvious gems that can spur 'ahah!' moments.
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Should CIOs have a say in corporate strategy? Do they have the chops to make a difference?
Bill Laberis  If they don't at this point in history, something is terribly wrong.… more »
So you want to be a Chief Information Officer? Then “Fasten your seatbelts, it’s going to be a bumpy ride”. The job of CIO is considerably different today than …
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Paul Korzeniowski  Good data point, one that illustrates how the rate of technology change has quickened. To be successful, CIOs need to bu… more »
Paul Korzeniowski
Ron Callari
A McKinsey survey of 363 IT executives and 350 non-IT executives reveals faith in IT is slipping fast.
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pete bartolik  Great points John. For too long IT was viewed as a cost center to continually whittle away at. That's fine if you're sim… more »
pete bartolik
Ron Callari
Keith Macbeath