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Making Leadership Matter When it Drives Business Objectives

Learn how IT executives are positioned to exert strategic influence, training tips for grooming the next generation of iT leaders, development activities today's CIOs are using to improve their craft, insights on organizational leadership development planning, as well as how to transition from "involvement to engagement"

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Pearl Zhu 90 Points | Mon, 09/17/2012 - 17:25

After being through 25 years ups and downs, just like technology's fast-change, creative discruption nature, CIO has also been through the leadership transformation a few times, from a IT tool man to an infrastructure manager, now, there're more CIOs become true business strategists, play significant business leadership role to make broader influence, many even say, CIO is the step stone to be CEO in the future, as one of great CIO debates at CIO forum spurred many great comment regarding such trend, pleasure to share some collective wisdom here:

All being said, IT is the fabric of business, CIO is the orchestrator to conduct an untethered digital/social enterprise, IT is neither commodity nor luxury, it's just such a competitive differentor to help business win over for long run. thanks.