Am I wrong or is the Enterprise Systems & Solutions business (IBM, Oracle, Accenture, some of HP, a bit of MSFT, Deloitte, KPMG, Cap) suspiciously quiet?

The Enterprise was always where the action was – dueling proprietary operating systems, rogue PCs, distributed systems, business process re-design & automation, Y2k, ERP, SOA, application integration, s/w as a service, consulting-lead highly industry-specific solutions, E-everything… Is Enterprise IT discreetly flying below the radar these days?

Market watchers now mistakenly assume that Tech is all about the low-end consumer product & “social” sectors, smartphones & dumb posts. Some say what used to go from Enterprise to consumer is now going the opposite way. Well, maybe a bit.

Truth is, the real action is elsewhere my dear Watson, in the Enterprise. All our lifelong digital footprints are now housed in Big Data mansions campused in low cost far-flung often darkened centers. Cool. The dollar value of the microprocessors in today’s cars now exceeds that of the steel. Oracle is talking about Apps-on-a-chip, for example. SAP recently talked about HANA in memory database stuff but, frankly, I’m not sure their reach is wide enough any longer to build a standard and the topic may be too gorpy to matter.

As demand picks up watch for cash to go to work and Enterprise players to make major moves. Soon, I suspect…