Since we’re closing in on 2012, I thought I’d give the world of 2017 a little thought, after all it is only 5 years out.

There are many sources for trend information out there that you can use to calculate out some future stakes in the ground. One that has a great deal of this material is Ray Kurzweil’s book: The Singularity is Near. It is still relatively recent and has numerous graphs about technical trends. There is even a website with the underlying data and its sources. Using this information as well as a few other websites that claim to have newer relevant information, I did some linear and logarithmic extrapolation (based on the type of data and its growth curve) to come up with some metrics for the future.

For the Internet:

  • Number of internet nodes: 10 Billion
  • Internet traffic: 4.5x 10^21 Bytes per year
  • Home Internet Bandwidth: 290 Mb/s – Nielson’s Law of Internet Bandwidth
  • Internet unique users: 3.35 Billion

In the IT hardware space

  • System memory: 6.8 Billion bits per $
  • Average transistor price: 2.7×10^9 Transistors per $
  • Transistors per processor: 13 Billion
  • Wireless performance: 370Mb/s – Edholm’s Law of Bandwidth
  • Magnetic Storage: 41 Terabytes per $

In the Health care space

  • Cost of DNA Sequencing 3×10^-4 dollars per sequenced pair (clearly this low price will change how ailments (or likely ailments) are diagnosed

Global population

  • 7.4 Billion people (This one was interesting because it had numbers ranging all over the map based on the assumptions that were used).

I am not saying these are “Right”, but these numbers should be the basis of some significant thought.