I guess you have to open up your cloud data center to show customers just how locked down it is.

And that’s what Google has done in this video released just prior (so sayeth the date) to the Amazon outage and Sony PlayStation hack. Fences, biometrics, extermely-limited access to the servers, fire suppression, custom home-made servers and data destruction are all part of the mix.

My favorite part of this video is the hard disk crusher and shredder (see video thumbnail). When I took five surplus desktops and two laptops to the PC recycler, I drilled out the hard disks, myself – 20 holes in each drive with a 5/8 or quarter-inch drill.

What better way to show information security? Could Google’s timing to release the video have been any better?

Cloud security has become a front and center topic in the past two weeks given the battering cloud computing has taken.

Does this video make you feel more secure about your cloud data or is Google showing the same features most third party data centers have? 

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